Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summer Vacation Series: Day 8- VENICE, ITALY

All I have to say about this place is.... VENICE!!!
Okay, that's not all. This place was the best. A total dreamboat. The. whole. day. was. amazing. 

Let me attempt to walk you through our day, even though the pictures don't do it justice.

Let me start off by saying I forgot my camera at the hotel. This was how I felt about it.
 And Hailey felt the same way.
 Luckily, Travis' mom gave us her camera to use and all was well again.
 Look at this place!
 Ever corner we rounded brought another picturesque moment.

 Isn't it crazy beautiful?

 We were very happy to be in Venice. It was like a dream.
 Holy cannoli!

 Doesn't it look like a painting?

 Check out this cute little orphan we found. We ended up keeping her.

 I think I belong here too.

 I wish I had the money to buy a painting from the artists. They were awesome.
 The gondola rides were crazy expensive, but look at how nice those boats are!

 Hailey loved playing in the puddles.
 And then she saw the pigeons. 

 We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice. Check out Hailey's grumpy face. haha!

 A guy gave us some bird seed to feed the pigeons with. (We started with crushed up goldfish crackers.)
 They started flocking in.
 Hailey had to get in on the action.
 And Travis' dad.
 And I got some birdseed too. I couldn't help but squeal when they started landing all over me. Eeeeek!

 I loved all the alleyways. 

 Venice wiped this girl out!

 Travis and I were able to sneak away and get a quick DATE IN VENICE! Is this real life?!

 In Venice, if you wanted a picture with any of the street performers you had to pay. So I was super stealthy and captured this picture of the mime. A real mime people!
The weather was crazy fantastic. We got soooo lucky. 

 All the buildings had such character!
 When the day was over (tear), we took a boat tour back to our car.
 The views were incredible from the boat.

 Even Hailey enjoyed the views.

I still can't believe we were in Venice. VENICE! George Clooney chose to get married there the other day. That's how fantastic it is! Seriously, that day was a dream.

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