Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Photo Session

Today was BEAUTIFUL! I just had to take advantage of it. I dressed Hailey in an outfit we inherited from a friend. It was her first time wearing it, and I fell in love. Oh man. I love hand-me-downs. Hailey and I went outside for a half hour or so. Hailey played with sticks, dirt, and grass and I shot away. I took over 300 pictures. Oops... haha. But here's about 20 of my favorites. Enjoy!

Eating dirt. Yup. That's my crazy girl. ^^^

I love all her facial expressions. And those eyes!

"Seriously Mom?"

This one reminds me of Sasquatch. haha!

Oh man. I had so much fun taking these. I hope you enjoyed them too. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Vacation Series: Washington

After we visited Idaho, we made the drive to Washington. Hailey and I were in one car and my parents in another. I'm the WORST road trip driver ever. Poor Travis usually drives hours and hours, and when it comes to my turn, I last about an hour before I almost fall asleep at the wheel. So me driving the over 6 hour drive from Kimberly to Richland is a pretty good accomplishment. Sad, huh?

It felt good to be back in my home town. I'm glad I was able to stay in my childhood home one last time before my parents move into their new house in October.
The first thing I noticed walking into that house is my "little brother" is not so little. He towers over me and has a size 13 (sometimes 14) shoe. Whaaaat? 
Since my parents have a lot in storage because people are constantly walking through their house (since it's for sale), they don't have a highchair. We made due with what was at hand. haha. It worked all week!

Jacob was the only sibling home when Hailey and I visited. Hailey and Jake became great buddies and I loved watching them bond. Jake even made her a fort to play in.
Another relationship that I enjoyed watching flourish was that of Hailey and our dog, Lyla. Lyla is staying with my parents while we're in school, so it was fun having an opportunity for them to spend time together. We miss our Lyla Jane.

 Don't mind the nakedness in the next few.

 We had a great time in Richland. Hailey and I met up with some of my friends and their babies that were in town. Hailey and I went to the splash park with one of them. The toddlers had a blast. We had to peel them away because us moms were done. They could have played forever.
 The week wasn't too busy, but that's just what I like. I loved just chilling at home, spending time with family. We did go to Texas Roadhouse the night before I left. Hailey loved the music and pretty much danced the whole time. 

It's always great spending quality time with family, especially family that you don't see often. We missed Travis, but were grateful for the opportunity to spend some time in Idaho and Washington. Hailey loved getting to know everyone more. She's always been a little shy and she really broke out of her shell this trip. We had a great time. Now we're just counting down the days until our next vacation to see Travis' family.... in GERMANY! {19 days!}

Summer Vacation Series: Idaho

Like an earlier post said, Hailey and I went to Idaho to see family. My brother, Cameron, and wife, McKenna, were graduating from BYU-Idaho. My mom was convinced the family needed to be together for it, so she flew us out there. And I'm so grateful she did! 
Congrats you guys! Best of luck on your new adventure! Hailey and I actually missed the ceremony since Hailey was sick (boohoo!), so I had to borrow this picture. (I hope that's okay McKenna.) Cameron and McKenna are seriously the most perfect couple ever and I'm excited for what the future has in store for them.

And did I mention what a great uncle Cameron is? Every single little one adores him. It's the cutest thing to watch. 

Hailey has (currently) three cousins on my side of the family. (Two more on the way.) The toddlers had SO MUCH fun playing together. That was like the highlight of my life so far. It was really the first time they were old enough to play so well together. Watching them interact with each other was the cutest thing everrrrr.
They all loved holding hands. I think they were trying to melt our hearts.

We had a lot of fun in Rexburg. We went to the park,

the sprayground (twice),

 the merry-go-round (twice),

and the pool at Grandma's hotel.

Isn't my sister incredibly gorgeous?

During this fun trip, our family was taken down by the stomach flu. We were planning on going to Utah for my grandma's birthday, but we decided to skip that to avoid infected more people. So we headed to Ashley's house in Kimberly, Idaho to be sick and recover together. 

Even though Dad was miles and miles away, he was still able to cheer up our sick girl.
 Somehow, between people being sick, we were able to squeeze in a few fun activities while we were in Kimberly.

We went to Shoshone Falls for a picnic lunch. It was beautiful!


That cheese face never gets old.

This picture kills me- Hailey holding Grandpa and Kael's hands.

And lastly, we played in the backyard. The toddlers splashed around in Abbi's pool and drew with chalk. 

We had a great time with family in Idaho. The cousins played so well together. And even though a lot of us got sick, we were still able to chat and enjoy being together. 

Hailey and I went on to Washington with my parents after visiting Idaho. More to come on our Washington vacation later. 

And shout out to my sister Ashley! She always has her camera handy and was able to capture a lot of these moments. Thank Ashley!