Saturday, January 26, 2013

Current Kansas Happenings

We've lived here in Kansas for over a month now. And guess what... WE LOVE IT! I feel like this place proves itself over and over again that we are meant to be here right now.

Travis has been attending Cleveland for three weeks now. He comes home every day excited to study. I like to help him study too. The other day he was going over the different names of the bones in the vertebrae. Yeah, it's not just called vertebrae. Crazy, huh? Well I was his guinea pig and he went up and down my spine naming them. It was pretty much a back rub. I'm pretty sure we should review it again soon so he doesn't forget. ;) He truly is loving what he's learning. It's a major blessing. Studying isn't much of a chore for him because he's so passionate about the subject. It's hard material, but he absorbs it so well. Yesterday he was telling me about the quiz they took in class. He was talking about the one question he missed and how easy it was. When he was telling me about it, I was dumbfounded. I never realized how smart my husband is. That sounds horrible, huh? I know he's smart, but he was totally speaking a different language to me. It was attractive.

I got a job a few weeks back. Major blessing! I work full-time (7:45-4:45, Monday thru Friday) at an "Early Childhood Education School". It's a step-up from regular preschools. All their teachers are certified. I teach the two to three year-olds. It's like working in nursery for 40 hours a week. Luckily, I loved nursery! I seriously love the little kids. They all poke my belly and say, "Baby!". Sometimes we dance to some music, and one of the kids will say, "The baby's dancing!". It makes me smile. But honestly, it's hard work. Since it's a big deal school, I have to write lesson plans. I'm getting used to the format, so I should get faster at it. But it's been hard getting used to. I'm on my feet for 8 hours a day, taking care of 15 two year-olds. There's two of us in the classroom, but I'm the certified teacher. So I'm the "big mama" of the classroom. I love kids, and I feel so blessed to have a great job. Our daughter can even come with me to work eventually. The infant room is booked until December, so we have to figure out what to do until then. But from December on she gets to come with me. It'll be awesome. I think I'll start maternity leave once March hits. Then I plan on walking and doing crazy things to make this little girl come out! haha.

Okay, story time. We take Lyla to the dog park in town on Saturdays. I feel like we owe it to her since she spends a lot of the week at home, alone. Last week it was super nice outside. When we got to the dog park there were literally a hundred dogs there. It was super hectic and fun. Travis stepped in the biggest, freshest poop I have ever seen in my life. I died laughing. But don't worry. Karma, folks. I love watching all the big dogs run and play. I especially love labs. This black lab runs up to me super excitedly. I lean down to pet it. No big deal right? Suddenly I feel my leg get really warm. He's peeing on me! He totally lifted his leg up, aimed, and peed right on my leg. And not like a few droplets to mark his territory. I'm pretty sure he hadn't peed for days, so he could save up a supply, and let it all out on me. I know I look and feel like a hippo, but I didn't know I looked like a fire hydrant! Gee wiz. So karma is real.

OH! And here's a present. Enjoy some action shots of Lyla trying to catch snowballs. We love you all!