Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Staycation- Continued

On SATURDAY, Travis started CrossFit. We found a great deal on Groupon for a two month membership. Travis has always wanted to try it and we felt like this was a great opportunity. 

We also Skyped with some Sister Missionaries in the MTC. They were called to Kansas and needed some practice. We had a good time talking to them. They are already doing a great job! Other than that, our Saturday was pretty uneventful. 

The forecast said that MONDAY was supposed to be the nicest day this week. We decided we wanted to do something outdoors. A friend recommended visiting Weston, Missouri. It's an old town with cute, fun shops and a State Park to walk through. Turns out, everything is pretty much closed on a Monday in the small town of Weston. We had fun walking around the cute shops. There were only like three shops open, but it was still fun!

I LOVED the look of the old buildings!

And the churches were pretty too!

 I love spring time!
 Look at this cute Bed and Breakfast.
 So the weatherman lied, and it ended up being pretty cold. We weren't dressed properly so we skipped the State Park and headed home. Look at that view!

TUESDAY was a dreary, rainy day. So we spent the day shopping! I sold some clothes on an online garage sale, so I had some moola to spend! 

And then Freddy's for dinner! 

And then we drove around looking at REALLY BIG houses, picking out which one we'd like to live in someday.

WEDNESDAY was our spring cleaning day. We made a checklist of what we needed to accomplish, and then kicked its butt. We deep cleaned our whole house. It doesn't look that much different at first glance, but there's less cobwebs, dust, and everything is sparkling clean. Woohoo.

So that's that. More fun plans to come- if the weather cooperates! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Staycation- The Start

Travis just finished finals on Thursday. And he passed all his classes (with As and Bs)! I'm so proud of him. He works SO hard. We like to relax and spend time together between trimesters to make up for the lack of time we had together during the trimester. Usually we're going somewhere for the break. I think this is our first break we're spending in Kansas. We decided we're going to have a "staycation" (a vacation while staying at or close to home). We don't have the money to travel or do anything amazing, but we're still planning on having a great break! We're wanting to do something close to home everyday (a picnic at the park, the zoo, Deanna Rose-a local farm, some church sites, downtown KC, etc.). We're excited to do things around town that we haven't had a chance to do yet. 

To kick off our staycation, we went to our favorite restaurant (Cheddars) on THURSDAY night. The onion rings at Cheddars are to DIE FOR!
It's safe to say that Cheddars is a favorite of Hailey's too. 

 FRIDAY morning we hit up the zoo. Can I just say real quick that having a pass to the zoo is the best thing ever?! Hailey LOVES going and Travis and I always have a great time too. I think Hailey and I have been 5 times in the last couple months.

We watched the Sea Lion Show this last time. Hailey really got into it! She was pointing and saying her new word, "Wow!". It was too cute!

Hailey ALWAYS loves the elephants.

She got a new hat to wear this summer. She did really good and kept both her hat and sunglasses on for most of the time. Gosh dang, I can't get over the cuteness.

We've already had a great staycation so far. And we still have two weeks left! Let me know if you have any more ideas of places we need to visit or things we need to do.  And stay tuned for more updates of our staycation.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We visited the Easter Bunny at a local grocery store Saturday. Hailey wasn't too sure about him. But no tears!

I've been looking forward to Easter Sunday for a long time. Hailey's dress has been hanging in her closet for over a month now. I am not a patient person, but somehow I managed to make it to Easter without even trying it on her. And it was worth the wait! It must have been a good pick, because two other girls were wearing the same dress on Sunday. haha!
  We took some family pictures after church before Hailey went down for her nap (hense the lack of smiles).

And some fun extras.

Grouchy-butt Baby

After Hailey's nap, we busted out the basket.

Hailey got a  coloring book, bubbles (that didn't have a stick in it to blow with!!!), window stickers, playdough, eggs with some goodies inside, and a little bit of candy (that mostly mom ate).

Blurry picture, but this is Hailey saying "please" for some candy. She knows the good stuff when she sees it.

Hailey loved the window stickers. Thank you Target dollar section!

Hailey had peeps for the first time and fell in love. 

And had her first go at playdough (with mom watching very closely). 

We had a great Easter and have a lot to be thankful for!