Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

This Easter was so fun. Hailey is at a great age where she gets excited about holidays now (with a little coaxing from us). The Monday before Easter we hit up Bass Pro to visit the Easter Bunny. There was a pretty long line, so we spent the whole 20 minute wait explaining to Hailey how fun and nice the bunny was. She has been scared of Santa and the Easter Bunny in past years, so we thought we'd prepare her this year and get a picture perfect moment. But to no avail. When it came to our turn, Travis walked Hailey over to the bunny, and Hailey held onto Travis like a leech. Travis could not rip Hailey from her grasp of him without looking like a crazy parent. So he sat down with her next to the bunny. Then the photographer waved me to go sit too. So it became a family picture. haha
Saturday, between Conference sessions, some friends gathered at the park for a pot luck and egg hunt. Hailey loved collecting the eggs. She didn't need much help compared to last year. It was fun to see her excitement when she found each egg.

I try not to get too crazy with holidays, but I really cannot help myself. I gathered stuff for Hailey's easter basket weeks in advance. The dollar section at Target was a main stop for the fun things in her basket. When I finally went to gather everything we had purchased, it was a pretty decent sized pile. Oops! 
 Hailey was so cute coming down the stairs in the morning. Travis got her all excited and she was so happy when she rounded the corner and saw her basket on the couch.
 Another ball. Just what she needs. (She has a basket of like 20 balls.. so I probably should stop buying them...)

Travis insisted she have some jellybeans. He has eaten probably 99% of them. What a supportive and helpful dad. haha 
Hailey looked at her Curious George book and said, "George! Wha you doin' here?!"

 Hailey was feeling pretty happy.
 Her favorite thing she got was her new car keys, complete with its very own clicker.
 She was a fan of the chocolate Reese's too.
 Thumbs up!
 Hailey also enjoyed her new Curious George book.
We had a big dinner (linner?) between Conference sessions. Ham, funeral potatoes, asparagus, and rolls. Yummmm. It was a great Easter. And I loved how General Conference fell on the same day so we were able to remember the true meaning of Easter and be spiritually fed.