Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fun at Faulkner's Ranch

A couple weeks ago we went to a free event at Faulkner's Ranch. I got an email about it and signed us up. I'm so glad I did! We had a blast! I wasn't sure if it was age appropriate for Hailey since it was pony rides and a bounce house, but it would still be fun to get out.

When I pulled up, both girls were sleeping. I had to get a picture. haha.
 They started us off with making a cowboy hat. Of course Hailey chose a blue one.

 They had the cutest rocking horses made out of barrels.

 After riding the pretend horses, we went outside to ride the real ones! On our way out, we fed some sheep and goats.

Even though the email said pony rides were for 3 and up, they left it up to me to decide if she could or not. I had to let her! She's been obsessed with horses lately.
 I actually thought she'd be way more scared. I was way more nervous than she was. They told me I could walk next to her if I wanted to, but I couldn't keep up! haha. So I stepped back and prayed that she'd be fine. And she was! All the practice on the merry go rounds paid off.
Listen close for the "yeehaw!". She was yeehawing the whole time. haha
Then we got a hotdog for lunch- Hailey's favorite.
 Emma had lunch too.
After lunch, we tried out the bounce house. At first there was another kid in there with her.

 I was so nervous she was going to break something.
 She loved following him around and falling down from him bouncing her.
 The other boy got out and she had it all to herself. I felt a little more confident in her after that. And she went crazy jumping and giggling.
 They had the cutest playground that we played on for a while.

 Then we raced some ducks.
Hailey practiced milking a cow. It was too cute.
 We had so much fun at Faulkner's Ranch. It was my first big outing all by myself with two kids, and I rocked it. Maybe I can do this mother of two thing after all.
 They do the pony rides and bounce house during pumpkin season too. You can bet we'll be going back. Hailey still talks about riding the horse two weeks later.

Emma at 2 Months

Emma turned 2 months old about a week ago. She had her appointment yesterday, so I have her stats for you. At her 2 week appt, which I failed to blog about, she was in the 18-20th percentile for everything. Yesterday, Emma weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces (13th percentile), was 21 inches long (6th percentile), and her head was something like 15 3/4 inches (50th percentile!). So she's not as perfectly proportionate as she was a month ago. haha. I thought she was going to be my normal sized baby, but nope. She's a tiny one. That's okay though, I love my tiny babies. 

She got her first round of shots yesterday. She cried for a minute after they gave the shots, but has been fine since! She got over it fast, and is just a little more tired than normal. I hate when my babies get shots.
Emma is the happiest baby ever! It's almost ridiculous how happy she is. She ONLY cries when she's hungry. The rest of the time you can find her content or smiling away.
She LOVES her play mat. She smiles and squeals like crazy when we lay her on it.
Emma also loves bath time. After every bath, I announce, "all done" and she smiles and squeals like a little school girl. Every. Single. Time. It's probably my favorite.
We just moved Emma into Hailey's room with her. We saved up some money and bought a video baby monitor. We didn't really want to put Emma in there with Hailey without being able to see what was going on. It's only been a few days, so hopefully it gets better. Right now, they both wake each other up constantly. Hailey is always singing, and Emma has a hard time sleeping through that. During the nights, Emma still gets up to eat once or twice, and that wakes Hailey up. But I'm hoping they get used to the noise and start to sleep through it.
Emma notices Hailey all the time. She looks for her when she hears her voice and smiles. It's so cute, I can tell they are going to be great friends.

We are loving Emma's coos and squeals. I love when they start getting vocal. Speaking of vocal, Emma doesn't last long with tummy time. After a few minutes, she just yells (not cries). I can tell it's an angry little yell. haha. But it's still stinkin cute.
Emma is the perfect addition to our family. Now that we have her, we can't imagine life without her. We are so blessed to have this sweet little spirit in our home. She brightens our everyday.