Saturday, July 19, 2014

Super Saturday

Hailey and I are leaving town tomorrow to visit family in Idaho, Utah, and Washington. Eeeeek. So today we decided to make it fun since we won't see Dad for 2 weeks. We started off with a 12 mile bike ride. We love our Saturday bike rides. 

Then we went to see Elsa. She was at a toy store in downtown Kansas City, so we decided to go visit her. Me, being her crazy mom, put Hailey in her Frozen shirt that we got her so she can wear it in the picture with Elsa. When we got in line to see Elsa, I pointed her out to Hailey trying to make it exciting. She wasn't a fan of Santa or the Easter Bunny, so I was determined to make this successful. When it was our turn to sit with Elsa, Hailey wouldn't go without me. So I sat next to Elsa (and yeah, maybe I was a little excited...) and Hailey sat on my lap wondering what in the heck we were doing. 

Yeah, I'm that mom that forces her daughter, too young to understand, to sit next to Elsa in her Frozen shirt. No regrets here. ;)

After we saw Elsa, we went to Fritz. It's a restaurant that delivers your food by train! Hailey LOVED it. She kept saying "wow!" over and over again. She couldn't even eat her lunch because she was way too overstimulated. It was awesome!

Why can't she smile normal? haha

This was Hailey's face the whole time.

Here's a quick video of Hailey ooohing and aaahing over the trains.

Now time to pack our suitcases. Wish us luck as Hailey and I fly tomorrow. I hate airplanes so much. And I'm nervous to handle wiggly Hailey on my own in the airport and on the plane. Eeeek! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good Food and Family

We love living in the middle of the country. Whenever any family members drive across the country (which happens pretty often, luckily) they stop by and say hi. Last Monday, Travis' Uncle Greg and his family were traveling back to Virginia from Utah. We haven't seen their whole family for a few years so we were excited to meet up with them at one of our favorite restaurants, Oklahoma Joes. 

It was so great seeing them. It's crazy how much growing up happens in a couple years.

Hailey loved all the attention she got from the kids.

She and Blake even held hands! Oh man. That made my heart happy.

We love Greg's family so much. Sometimes we forget how far we are from family. We're enjoying our little Kansas Adventure, but we sure love seeing family when we can! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Festivities

We had a whole day full of fun this year. First off, let me say that I've been looking forward to putting Hailey in her red, white, and blue outfit for over a month. I found the shirt on sale at Old Navy a while back and then the skirt at Walmart. A match made in heaven. Oh man. So lovely.

I was feeling all festive so I painted my toenails red, white, and blue. Hailey was ooohing and ahhing over them so I decided to do hers too.

 Can you say fail? Or so I thought. Luckily, her feet are super sweaty (never thought I'd say that), so the smudges rubbed off throughout the day and they turned out cute!

We started off the day at the gym. Travis is attempting to teach me to swim properly (I'm a doggy paddler). This was the first day of my "swim lessons". He mostly just showed me what it should look like and I came close to drowning trying to copy him. Lots of work to be done there. 

So then I threw my hair up in a wet, chlorine-filled bun, and we headed over to the Lenexa Parade. 
Hailey LOVED watching all the people in the parade. She clapped, waved, and blew kisses the entire time. 

 Miss Johnson County even returned the favor!

There were a bunch of cool cars that Travis was drooling over. He was very glad we went to the parade.

It was great seeing all the fun things in the parade. I smell a tradition in the making! 

After the parade, we went to IHOP for lunch. Yum! Then it was naptime. For dinner we went to a bbq with some friends. There was lots of yummy food and good company. We played games and ate until our bellies were full. 

Then we headed over to the firework show. 
They weren't expecting me to "flash them". 

Don't mind my hugging Hailey's stuffed dog...
Lighting off your own fireworks is illegal here. So we went to the show and it was really great!

Phew. That was a long post. But it was a very eventful day. We enjoyed spending time with friends and were very wiped out by the end of the day.