Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pregnancy Thoughts

So I'm 24 weeks along today. Crazy shenanigans. Everybody's pregnancy is different, so it has been fun seeing how pregnancy works for me. It turns out it takes me a million years to get a decent-sized belly. It's definitely bigger than it used to be, but it's not huge yet. I'm just playing the waiting game. I'm at that stage where people think I've just eaten too much. I can't wait until people look at me and have no doubt in their mind that I'm pregnant. I know it's weird. Most people would embrace this time when their stomach is not that big, but I say, "Bring on the big belly!". Next week I'll only have 15 weeks left until d-day. That's only 3 and a half months!

I am loving maternity pants. I think I'll wear them for the rest of my life. They're so stinkin comfortable! Holy moly. Where have they been all my life? You can sit down to a great meal, eat way too much, and not have to unbutton your pants to release the pressure. So because you skip that step after overeating, it is a confidence booster. You don't have to be disappointed in yourself when your pants are too tight. I suggest everyone go out and buy some maternity pants. Like, for reals! Pregnancy has also made me really mean. Okay, I was really mean before, but I was pretty good at keeping it inside. Now I just explode with meanness. Mostly directed at Travis. It's sad, but true. I am aware of it and trying to control it. My hormones are just a mess. Which leads me to the point that I cry- all the time. Mostly at night. When it gets to be about 8:15ish, a beep goes off on my hormone radar and my hormones spike. Sometimes I find myself crying about crying. I cry because I hate that I cry. Haha. Crazy stuff. Poor Travis. I was crazy before I got pregnant, but we're at a whole new level of crazy now.

But even with all the craziness, pregnancy is so stinkin exciting. It's amazing that I have a tiny human growing inside of me. She's supposedly a pound and a half now and about 8.5 inches long. And I'd like to add that I just know she's darn cute too! You can say I have mother's intuition. Haha. And she's been kicking a lot lately. Can I just say that it's a super amazing feeling! Sometimes I feel like she's playing with me. Travis has felt a few kicks, but most of them aren't quite hard enough to feel. I know in a couple weeks we'll have a different story to tell. I hear kicks get pretty crazy and hard. So life is wonderful. Travis and I are in awe at how blessed we are. We're excited to be parents, and Lyla is excited to be a "big sister". Love you all!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! Our first Thanksgiving was a success! Which is a surprise to the both of us. The meal was excellent, we're very stuffed, and waiting for the dinner to settle so we can start on the pie! Even Lyla enjoyed some turkey for dinner! Travis and I have so many things to be thankful for. First off, is each other. I love my husband and I'm so glad to know, without a doubt, that he loves me too. We're grateful for the upcoming opportunity that we get to be parents. We're grateful that Travis got accepted to a graduate school and our future is bright. God is so good to us! We love life and are excited for all the adventures that await. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Story Time

Okay. Have a seat. I'm going to tell a story. I'm going to try and not use the words "idiot", "maniac", and/or "crazy hooligan". But I can't make any promises. Haha.

So I was driving home from work today, listenin to some music. Probably something country or maybe it was classic rock. Anyways, I notice the light in front of me turns yellow. The car in front of me didn't slow down, so I slowed to stop at the red light. The car in front of me then stopped in the middle of the intersection. Yeah, for reals. It's almost like I could see how she was thinking because of the way she was driving. She stopped (like completely stopped) in the middle of the intersection because she realized she ran a red light. I was in the front of the line behind her. And you won't believe what she did next! Her reverse lights came on. She was going to try to reverse! That's when I spoke out loud to her, saying something like, "Yo dawg, you can't backup. I'm right here." She must have heard me because she started going forward again and fully committed through the red light. I was so embarrassed for her. The people that had a green light couldn't even go cause she was just sitting there having a moral dilemma. Haha. I just had to share the story because I was amazed. And if you were the girl driving in front of me today, congrats! You became a story on my blog.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thank You Anonomous

Today was one of those days. I wasn't in that great of a mood to start off my day. Every morning I have to peel myself out of my bed. But for some reason this morning was harder than normal. Work was blah and then I went home. After work Travis and I were discussing how we can't find our iron. Travis has been wanting to wear his long sleeve button up shirts, but they need to be ironed. We lent (is that the right word?) our iron to someone at the beginning of the summer and can't remember who it was. So it's gone gone gone. I had this brilliant idea to get one from this online garage sale in Rexburg. I asked if anyone had an iron they'd be willing to part with, and someone did! They said they'd sell it to us for $10. We thought that was way better than buying one new. So we went to pick it up.

I knocked on the door and the guy cracked it open. It was immediately a strange situation. He was very rushed. I asked if I was in the right place, and he assured me that I was. He kept holding this small item out at me. I handed him the $10 and then he shoved the small item more towards me. I took it from him and he shut the door. This all happened within milliseconds people. I then realized that the small item was an iron. They gave us a travel-size fold up iron. What the heck? I thought an iron was one thing that was pretty standard. I didn't think there were any weird irons in the world. Dazed and confused I walked to the car where Travis was waiting. He was squinting his eyes trying to see what I had in my hand. By the time I got to the car, the situation was funny. I couldn't even talk. I just held the "iron" out to Travis so he could get a closer look. I was just laughing like a maniac, snorting and all. Travis didn't think it was as funny as me. Neither of us were brave enough to go back to their door and demand our money back, so we just left. I laughed all the way home. So that was situation number one.

THEN, we went to go grocery shopping before we had to get to a class tonight. We didn't have time make dinner so we just got something quick while we were out. Travis pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store for us to eat our quick meal. The sun was coming down so I pulled the visor down. Usually when I pull the visor down I have a 20% chance that it's actually going to block the sun. It really needs to be about 2 feet longer to be effective for me. So the sun was blaring in my eyes and Travis was just eating his dinner all cheery. So my raging hormones started raging even more. I angrily demanded Travis to find a parking spot facing the other direction so my eyes wouldn't be blinded. He finally gave in and relocated. When he pulled into the new spot and put the car in park, the sun was bouncing off his side mirror and blinding him. Hahaha. That's another instance where I lost control and laughed.

Both situations were situations where I laughed so I wouldn't cry or be upset. Travis was mostly upset. Haha. So here's the real kicker.

Situation number three. I lent my wedding dress to a photographer to use for a photo shoot. She offered to pay me, but I said no. I had a Good Samaritan attitude that day. So finally, after a month and a half, I get my dress back. I open it up and it's dusty and dirty. (They took pictures in a field.) I was pretty shocked that they would return my dress to me in that conditon. So I lost it. You know that moment where the dam you built up all day breaks, and the waters escape and flood everything? Yeah, that's what happened. I cried and cried for what felt like hours but was really only a few minutes. I was mumbling incoherent things and Travis was doing his best to soothe me. It probably would have been pretty funny to witness. Travis had to go to work (he works the night shift as custodian on campus). So he left and I tried to calm down.

So a little while later someone knocked on our door. I opened the door to find a plate of goodies. Cupcakes and candy. How did they know!? That is exactly what I needed. Suddenly my day turned great and I couldn't even remember why I was upset. (P.S. pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster. I'm kinda crazy.) So I just wanted to thank the anonymous people that left us the treats. They were the best ending to a not-so-good day.