Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a{nother} GIRL!!

We found out this last Friday that we're having a GIRL. And we couldn't be more excited. Seriously. I'm giddy. I'm looking forward to Hailey and her little sister becoming the best of friends. 
We were convinced it was a boy since having a girl would be too convenient. (We already have all the clothes and I wouldn't have to redecorate Hailey's room when they share.) I was honestly just as excited for either gender, but I'm ecstatic it's a girl. 

I've been so distracted this pregnancy. When the ultrasound tech was walking us through the ultrasound, pointing out all the body parts, she was moving the wand all over my stomach. I thought, "Is the baby really that BIG? Holy moly." I've just been so preoccupied with Hailey that I haven't had time to stop and think about this pregnancy. Seeing the ultrasound of my 7 oz baby made it so real to me. Eeeeeeek! There's a baby GIRL in me!

And no, we don't have a name picked out. We have at least ten names picked out. But the list continues to grow. So we'll see if we can ever narrow it down.

And just for kicks, here are some pictures from the baby's photoshoot.

Here's the money shot. Supposedly it's a girl. haha. I'm just trusting the ultrasound tech knows her stuff, cause I cannot tell anything from that picture.
Here's her sweet profile. These ones are always my favorites.

Almost creepy, but here she has her hands around her head. Almost as if she is trying to block the noise.

Here are her arms in front of her. She was so active! It was fun watching her move. 

Run, Hailey, Run!

This is probably a parenting moment that I shouldn't share for the whole world to see, but it was hilarious and needs to be remembered forever. I have so much to blog about, Christmas and our winter break, but I will get to that later. 

We went to Washington for our Christmas break. It was great! We were able to see my family and Travis' parents. Hailey loved every second of it. 

So it came time to head to the airport and catch our flight. My mom had an appointment so she had to drop us off a little early at the airport. Nobody was in line, so we walked straight up to the counter. There was only one worker at the Delta counter. The Pasco Airport is small, so if there is nobody in line, no workers are working. Our seats were not together, so we were wanting to change them to sit by each other. The lady at the counter asked if we checked in on the kiosk and we explained that we needed to change our seats around and add Hailey as a lap child, but she insisted we start with that and come back to the counter. Grrr. Nobody was in sight! Can't we freakin check in at the counter since we have to go there to switch our seats anyway?! I was trying to control my raging pregnancy hormones and remain civil. But it's hard I tell ya.

So when we finally got to the counter, we weighed our bags and our mega bag we were checking weighed 62 pounds. We had read online earlier that the limit was 70 pounds, so we knew we were in the safe zone. But then.... dun dun dun.... the Delta employee told us that the 70 pound limit was for their premier fliers and we only had a 50 pound limit. Okay, that was our mistake for reading the wrong thing online. We didn't feel like moving stuff around, so we were just going to pay the overweight fee and get on our way. But then she said the overweight fee was an extra.... wait for it.... $100!!! Holy crap! What the?! Who's genius idea was that? 

My mom, Travis, and I had to take the heavy stuff out of the suitcase and put it in one of our carry-on backpacks. We ended up having to pay for it to be checked, since the heavy stuff was all the bathroom essentials. Anyways, while we were busy going through our bag, my mom all of a sudden yells, "LINDSAY! HAILEY'S BEHIND THE COUNTER!!" No freakin way. I look up, and sure enough Hailey was jogging behind the counter next to all the machines and belts where they send the suitcases. Just wandering without a care in the world. Holy crap. How did she even get back there? I immediately called out to her name. I must have sounded frantic, because she looked at me with that deer in headlights look and started crying. I think she thought she was in trouble. So she was standing there crying, behind the stinkin counter. And since she was crying, she wouldn't move an inch. The lady working the counter never even looked up from the computer. Never even flinched. haha.

I knew if I used my stern voice Hailey wouldn't come. We're still working on it. Whenever I use my stern, "you're in trouble get over here now" voice, it usually results in her running in the opposite direction. So I had to choose my voice carefully. I decided to go for the peppy, positive voice. I excitedly told Hailey to come here. She stopped crying and looked at me. Slowly she made her way toward me. I was leaning over the checked bag scale. When she was in reaching distance, I grabbed her and pulled her over the scale.

After that, all we could do was laugh. I couldn't even be mad at her. She had no idea that was off limits. And we were too preoccupied with our suitcases to even pay attention. Not the proudest moment of my life, but one of the funniest. Just picturing her wandering around behind the counter makes me chuckle out loud. I'm so glad it wasn't busy at the time. Can you imagine a line full of people to witness? Oh man. And I have to say, I'm thankful that's where she was, rather than wandering down the airport further. We learned our lesson. PAY ATTENTION TO HAILEY AT ALL TIMES. Duh. 

We paid for our bags and went on our way. Holy moly. What a start to our trip home. Luckily, the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Hailey did great on the flights. She colored in her coloring book pretty much the entire time. I think she was on her best behavior to make up for her earlier catastrophe.