Saturday, October 20, 2012

She's a She!

We were so happy to find out we're having a little princess. Okay... Truth is, I was disappointed for about a tenth of a second. We had everything planned if it was a boy. For a girl we were totally lost in the idea of a name, nursery theme, and clothing. BUT I've adjusted quickly and am eager and excited for this little girl! Travis has been super excited since we found out. He's going to be the best daddy. He leans down and talks to my belly all the time. Sometimes his face is so squished against my stomach he sounds like he's speaking whale. Haha. We have a few names we like, but it's so hard making the final decision. She's going to go by that name forever! In job interviews, on her wedding announcement, on her birthday cake... So much pressure! But it'll be fun when we finalize the decision and start calling her a name. Fun fun fun. Well here are the most recent pictures of our baby GIRL. I've highlighted some of the ultrasound pictures so you can tell what they are. I know sometimes they can be pretty hard to read. So because I am amazing and know exactly what's in the pictures, I will enlighten you. :) Enjoy!

She was curled up in a ball-  being all shy about it. Silly silly girl. Isn't she cute though?

Here's the picture that determined everything. Don't tell her I posted this picture when she's a teenager. She would be so embarrassed. haha. I'll post the blank ultrasound picture and then the highlighted one.
See, those are her legs. She's pretty exposed here. haha. But I'm glad she cooperated.

Here's her feet! Aren't they cute? She's been kicking me these last couple days. Those feet and legs are already pretty strong!
I can't wait until Travis can feel the kicks. Life is so wonderful!

We already love our little girl. We've bought a few outfits already. I want to go out shopping every day. I can't wait until we meet her. I'm over 19 weeks along. Pretty much halfway. So crazy. :)