Friday, September 25, 2015

Emma's Blessing

We decided to bless Emma in Richland since we had so much family in town, plus Travis' family was only a couple hours away in Spokane. 

It ended up being Stake Conference the Sunday we decided to do it, so we blessed Emma at my mom's house. It was a beautiful blessing, and the house was filled with the people we love most. So much support and love!

Tate, PopPop, and Grammy
 Grandma and Grandp

 Nicole and Curtis (and their kids)
 Savannah and Jacob
 Lauren and Taylor (yes Emma was scared... hahaha!)
 My mom's Uncle Jerry
 Love this pic of the two grandmas!
 The Simmons brothers
 Grammy and PopPop
 4 generations.
 Another 4 generations.
 Two peas in a pod. Hailey loves "Nanna"
 LOVE those blue eyes. <3

 My grandma and grandpa (mom's parents)
 Hailey loved hanging with Wyatt

 We love Emma like crazy and are so grateful to all the family that came out to see Emma get blessed. We felt very loved.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Silverwood Sillies

We visited Travis' family in Spokane for a couple days. We went to Silverwood Theme Park! It's been a very very long time since I've done something that kid-like. Needless to say, it was a blast!

 Hailey had SO MUCH FUN on all the kid rides!


We had such a fun-filled day. And it was fun spending time with Travis' family.

(Some photo cred goes to Travis' mom. I stole some of her pictures. Thanks Tish! ;)  )

Grandmas Galore

This was forever ago. I'm very behind on blogging. My mom came to visit a week after Emma was born. She stayed for two weeks. My sister, Savannah, joined us a week into my mom's visit. We had so much fun! Everyday was so busy. Let's see if I can even remember that far back.

Grandma bought Hailey THE BEST bubble gun. It's been a hit ever since.
  Or course Grandma got in some Emma cuddles.
We went to the Sea Life Aquarium. It was awesome and Hailey LOVED it! 

 Those are all the pictures I could find. But we did so much more. I was so grateful to have my mom (and sister) visiting. I loved their help getting used to being a mom of two.

Travis' mom (Bammy) came to visit shortly after my mom left. We had a blast with her too!

We got a pool pass and went to the pool a few times. It was HOT HOT HOT outside.

 We went to lunch a few times.

 And Deanna Rose Farmstead. Always a big hit with Hailey.

And thank you Bammy for taking some family pictures for us!



I have the worst memory, and didn't take many picture. :( But I do remember both our moms being so helpful and loving on Hailey and Emma. Hailey loved the extra attention and I appreciated the extra hands. Thanks for visiting! We love you both!