Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Travis and I started P90X yesterday. It's a workout program that comes with 13 different DVD workouts. The main guy that is on the DVDs developed the program and he is excellent! It's like having a personal trainer kick your bum in the gym. We've only done it for two days and I'm already sore! But I'm so excited to see what will come of sticking to it. It lasts 90 days. Maybe if I'm brave I'll post before pictures and then more pictures as we go and get more in shape. We will see. 

But if you want to get in shape, then look into it! It also includes a nutrition plan, where it plans out your meals for the 90 days. That's super intense and we don't have enough money to follow it. So we're just trying to eat better. Yup. It's going to be fun! I'm excited that I get to take a break from running and try this new thing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jumping for Joy

Travis and I had a jumping contest on Sunday. Travis thought he could hit his head on the ceiling. We took pictures to see if he could. What do you think?

Could he have touched the ceiling with his head if he didn't bend his neck? hahaha

I don't compare. I have no hops. I hardly can get off the ground! It's pathetic. I couldn't even touch this ceiling with my hand. hahaha

Birds Don't Really Sing

The mornings are pretty rough for me. I wake up around 5 every morning because of the birds chirping outside. I always thought birds were so cute, but now I seriously hate every single bird in the world. haha. They don't even sing a pretty song! It's just the same 1 or 2 notes over and over and over and over again. So it keeps me up in the mornings. 
The birds always sit on that fence, right outside the window!
Also, it gets super bright in the morning too. It really doesn't get too dark during the night anyways, but it gets bright early in the morning, and that wakes me up too. So Travis and I figured we would try and fix one of the problems, so we hung up a blanket in front of our bedroom window. It was so dark! I fell right asleep. And then Travis and I didn't wake up until 10:00! haha. It was crazy! So we took it down. It's better to get up earlier than later. We're still trying to figure out how to fix the bird problem though. We were thinking we'd invest in a pellet gun, but we looked at them at they're a lot pricier than we thought they would be. hahaha. Oh I'm just kidding. We wouldn't shoot the poor birds. Travis bought this bug spray stuff that kills bugs because we've had some ants and stuff lately. He bought this spray that you spray on the outside of your house and the inside. It makes a barrier that bugs can't get passed. It seems to be working great! I haven't seen bugs for the past two days. But I'm wondering if we sprayed the places the birds land if it'll poison them too. haha. Look what those crazy birds are making me do! I'm desperate. haha.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Student Teaching, for reals?

So I completed everything required to apply for student teaching. It's crazy! I've been preparing for it forever. And now everything is finished and ready. Now it's just about waiting. I have one more semester at the University (in the fall) and then I student teach in the winter. And this is my picture that I got taken for Student Teaching. It's going with my student teaching application. Do I look like a teacher? haha
 It's sooo crazy! I can't even believe my college experience is almost over. But it also makes me super excited. This Salvation Army Youth Program that I work for makes me realize that I chose the right field. I LOVE going to work everyday. I love all the kids that I get to work with. I have never had a job that I love going to, but that's how I feel about this one. Probably 95 percent of these kids come from broken families. Almost all of them have parents that have been divorced or split up. I love that I can be someone that can make a difference in their lives. Many of them don't get taught many values at home, and the Salvation Army is all about teaching important values. I love my job. It makes me excited to have my own kids someday and also to work with kids in the future. Life is good!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday Travel

My cousin, Kim, was getting married on Thursday. Travis had to work until late Wednesday night. So we ended up taking the early morning Salt Lake Express. We get to ride for free. Which saved us tons on gas! So that's a major blessing. I got up at 2:30 am to get ready and we caught the 4:10 bus. My sister, Ashley, rode the bus with us. We got to the Salt Lake Airport at 7:45 and my aunt picked us up and took us to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.It is such a beautiful temple! And it was such a beautiful day! The sealing was so perfect and wonderful. And I am so happy for Nate and Kim. They are such a great couple. And now we can ride down to Utah for free and hang out with them for the weekend or something.

So I wore these awesome red heels that my mom bought for me. I love them! But I wasn't thinking about how dumb it was to wear new heels all day long. So about halfway through the day, I had blisters all over my feet. Killer!! So I had to go to Target and get some sandals to wear for the rest of the day. I figured every trip we go on, I'll bring painful shoes so I can get new ones there! haha. But I love my new sandals.

I went to Walmart the night before the wedding to choose a new toenail color. Since I couldn't buy a new outfit, I figured I'd paint my toes a new color. So Travis loved this green color. And secretly, deep down, I kinda liked it too. So I bought it and painted my toes that color. Who would have thought it was be so noticable? Almost everybody commented on my toes. Most were thinking I was crazy for painting my toes that color. But Travis was quick to defend me and tell them how amazing they were. hahaha. It was pretty funny. I still kind of like them, but now I'm not sure the green was such a good idea.
Ewww. I don't know why my feet look super dirty.

Cupcake Crash

The Relief Society Presidency came to visit me the other day. Travis was happy to hear they were coming, because he assumed that meant a treat. But they walked in empty handed. Luckily they just left it in their car, so one of the sisters went out to get it. She brought in three cupcakes. And I was thinking, "How are we going to split three between us? I must just get two, since they were for me." Isn't that good logic? Travis should feel lucky to be even getting one. haha. So they had a nice conversation with me, welcomed me to the ward, and left. So then Travis comes out of our bedroom all excited for the cupcakes. What a man. So I grab a cupcake and pretended I was going to shove it in his face. (But I wasn't actually planning on doing it. I was just trying to play.) Anyways, so he picks up a cupcake, shoves it in my face, and then rubs it around. It got up my nose! It was crazy.
So I had cupcake all over my face. But I didn't freak out. I was just quiet about the whole thing. Travis was dying. He felt so terrible after. It was so funny to hear him apologize over and over again. I really didn't care. I figured he got me back for our wedding day. But he kept apologizing for about 20 minutes.
So he cleaned up the mess. And I thought, "well I guess that takes care of the extra cupcake." hahaha

Taking a Sunday Drive

I didn't go to church last Sunday. Instead, I drove to Salt Lake with my man. He had a hard time staying awake the day before when he went to Salt Lake and back, so I went with him to talk to him. It was funny because people thought I was training him or something, cause I guess I'm naggy? haha. This guy asked, "Are you his trainer?" And I said that I was his wife... and then I thought that I should be funny so I said, "I guess that means I'm his trainer too." But the guy didn't even crack a smile. So I felt super stupid. haha. On the way back this old couple asked if I was the assistant driver, and I told them I was his wife. But I wanted to try out my joke again, cause I just knew it was really good. So I said, "That makes me the assistant driver too though, I guess." And they laughed pretty hard and agreed with me. It made me feel better. hahaha. But it was pretty boring driving to Salt Lake and back. I don't know if I'll ride again... ever. haha.

This little van isn't what he takes. He usually takes the one hiding next to the van.

Once we got to Salt Lake, we had about two hours until we had to take a load of people home. So we went and walked around temple square and the conference center. That was fun. The tulips were so pretty at temple square. 

Aren't the flowers pretty?

I'm sooo tiny! Can you see me?!

 So it was a nice day, spent together. We met some interesting people on the bus, and had some good conversations. But it was time well spent.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spending Saturday Solo

How do I spend a whole day without my husband? Well I'll tell you. Travis left for work this morning and won't get back until probably 11 pm. I slept in until 9:45 and got ready for the day. I took Travis his lunch that he forgot. Then I went to the temple. Which was great! It's been forever since I've been. I love the peace that comes from visiting the temple. After that I came home and put in the movie, Grease. It was lunch time, so I decided to eat... ice cream and cake for lunch. Don't tell Travis! haha. So now Grease is over, and I'm trying to kill time.

So my mom and dad have been on a cruise this week. Soooooooo jealous! They deserve it though. They went for their anniversary. I never realized how much I call my mom until I can't call her. I'm excited that she got to get away and enjoy some time alone with my dad. Good for them. I'm super jealous though. It makes me think of the amazing time that Travis and I had in the Bahamas. Although, there is only one bad thing about going to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. And that is- I wanna go back everyday! I always find myself daydreaming about getting away from the stresses of school or work and escaping to the Bahamas. But I'm glad my mom got to experience the getting away. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Travis and I frequently talk about how grateful we are for our families we were blessed to be a part of. We both came from families that loved us and supported us 110 percent in our lives. And I'm so grateful for the heart of the Bullock home, my mom. She is always doing things to help others. She's such a great example to me. And she would do anything for her kids. She's an amazing woman. And I know Travis thinks just as highly of his mom. We are so blessed! And we love our mothers and mother-in-laws! =) Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture Perfect

I made my first jello. It ended up being the perfect size for Travis and I to share. haha

We matched today, so we took some pictures.Travis wore this on his first day driving the Salt Lake Express. He'll get a uniform soon. Isn't he soooo handsome?

Life As We Know It

Man, oh man! I am so upset that I didn't post in April. April was a pretty crazy month for us. We moved to Idaho Falls and went searching for jobs. We also went down to Washington for a week to visit. That was a blast! There's never a dull moment when the Bullocks are together. We've settled into our new apartment and are loving it. We live down the street from the Idaho Falls Temple, which is amazing! Our ward is soooo great. We love our ward. It's actually a pretty small ward. And it's about 95 percent old people. haha. But I seriously love it. We both do. I've never felt so at home in a ward. They were so welcoming. We've attending our ward for three Sundays now and every week more and more people introduce themselves. They are so friendly. So that's a major blessing.

Travis just starting working for the Salt Lake Express today. He drives down to Rexburg and then takes a bus to Salt Lake and drives back. He called me this afternoon and said it's harder than he thought it would be. Usually he gets to listen to the radio or talk to someone, but he left Rexburg at 5:45 am, so everyone was sleeping. We'll see if it gets better and easier for him. I started working for the Salvation Army a week ago. I love my job! I'm getting paid to do something I love. Right now I work with the after school program. We help the kids with their homework, have snack time, free time, and crafts. The kids are K-6th grade. They're so great! And in June, the summer program starts and we get to go to fun places, like movie theaters, swimming pools, the zoo, parks, etc. It's great.

Travis and I watch movies a lot. It's kind of what relaxes us. The other day, we went to D.I. to look for a desk, and we saw a pile of DVDs. We looked through them and ended up buying eight of them! haha. They were only $3 each. So we spent $24 on eight movies. And that's about the price of one DVD now a days. So it was kind of exciting. So life is great. God blesses us daily and we're so thankful for that. We love you all!