Tuesday, October 28, 2014

YMCA Party and Trunk or Treat

Our YMCA that we go to threw a little party last week. I don't need much to convince me to attend a party. If someone mentions food, I'm there. Hailey dressed up as Belle this year (mom's favorite princess). I found the costume second hand for A LOT cheaper than new. And it fit perfectly! Happy dance!

They had little booths set up with games (bean bag toss, ring toss, cake walk, sugar cookie decorating, etc.). Hailey was a little young for most of that. She wouldn't even sit still for face painting. I may have cried a little inside.

But the last half of the party was a concert. Jim Cosgrove (aka Stinky Feet) came to sing to the kids. Hailey had a blast. It was totally worth going to, just for that. Hailey danced for a solid 45 minutes. And not just side-to-side shuffle dancing. She was hopping, spinning, jumping and giggling to her heart's content. Let's just say she slept well that night.

The next day we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. Those are always so fun. I was busy with Primary duties and Travis had to stick around our trunk to hand out candy. Luckily, Hailey's friend Hailey wanted to take her from car to car. It was the cutest thing ever. She even walked her to all the game booths. My heart swelled (and my eyes may have swelled with a little tears too). I just love when other kids are so helpful and kind to Hailey.
Hailey's mom sent me these next few pics. They tugged at my heart strings. 
  (Thanks for sharing the pictures, Heidi!)
I loved the way Hailey's dress moved when she walked. She looked like a princess. It was too much. One of the cars was giving out bread and borscht. Hailey took the bread and was more interested in that than the candy the whole time. It was pretty hilarious.
 Hailey's friend, Jenson, was a lion. It was WAY too hot for him to wear his whole costume (we're talking 83 degrees!). But next to each other they looked like Beauty and the Beast. It was cute.
 And the Sister Missionaries even dressed up (as best as they could). This picture doesn't do them justice, but they were so cute dressed as Elsa and Ana.
We had a great time at the Trunk or Treat. Everyone in charge did so well.

Hardworking Husband

One of the things I admired about Travis, before I even married him, was his work ethic. He literally puts 110 % into everything he does. Sometimes it can get on my nerves because I think it's "good enough". But he knows what he's capable of and he's a go-getter. 

Chiropractic School is no exception. Travis puts so much time and effort into school every single day (besides Sunday). He studies during lunch and all the breaks he gets during the day. He studies material even when there aren't any tests coming up. And sometimes he studies extra things on top of all his required studying. Is he even human? Sometimes I wonder. 

But he does it for us. He does it for our family and our future. I love him for all his hard work and effort he puts forth. He puts forth an equal, if not greater, amount of effort into being a good husband and dad. Travis tries to get most studying done by 5:00. Some days it doesn't happen and he's studying into the night. But for the most part he's able to spend most nights with his family. 

That's why when I heard about Travis' certificate that he earned I wasn't surprised. We got a letter in the mail saying the school was going to hold an event honoring students who got a GPA of 3.5 or greater for two consecutive semesters. Travis didn't want to go, but I made him. I was/am so proud of that man! And he needed to go and take that certificate with pride. He deserved it. I think I need to make him a certificate for being a great dad too. He earned a 4.0 in the dad department. ;)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shaake's Pumpkin Patch 2014

We LOVE fall at our house. The weather cools down (well it's supposed to...), the leaves change color, and it's pumpkin patch time!

We loved Shaake's so much last year, we had to go back. Little Hailey has changed so much in a year!

Travis hasn't changed too much...

Here's our little pumpkin patch kid last year,
and then this year.
Hailey loved talking with the chickens.
 She had a good conversation with this guy.
 My cute little ghost.

  They had so much for kids to do!
 Pumpkin sling shot!
Hailey loved the slide.

 And the tractor.

 Hailey was so little in the pumpkin patch.

 But she loved walking through all the pumpkins. She thought they were balls.
 She kept trying to lift up pumpkins and then would yell, "hewp!" (help)

 She picked out a pumpkin,

fell in love with it,

and the changed her mind.

We rode the tractor back to the front entrance.

 She pretty much refused to smile or look at the camera.

 We love Shaake's and will definitely be returning next year.

The Big 2-4

Finally. I'm finally 24. I feel like 23 is sooo young. Doesn't 24 sound so much older and wiser?

So I hate writing about my birthday. I feel like it's a little too self centered or something. But I like to keep track of Hailey and Travis' birthdays, so I guess I can do mine too. 

Every year that Travis and I have been married, I made my birthday a huge ordeal. Like once September hits (my birthday is Oct. 9th) I constantly remind him what I want for my birthday. I always end up getting something on my list of infinite things I told him and all is well. But this year, I wanted to tone it down a bit. It was secretly a test for Travis. I didn't mention my birthday unless it was brought up, and I didn't give Travis any clues as to what I wanted. I thought Travis would get worried, having to take the reigns and figure it out himself. But all Travis thought was how relieved he was to not be hearing about my birthday for a month and a half.

In past years, I've asked him if he was going to decorate for my birthday. So he would get up earlier than me, put up balloons and streamers, and then I would be "surprised" coming downstairs. This year I didn't say a word.

I walked downstairs anticipating the streamers and balloons, and maybe even a chocolate fountain (totally joking), but there was nothing. It just looked like a normal day in the Simmons household. But honestly, that's okay. It doesn't need to be a big production. Or maybe I'll just remind him next year.... hahaha

But Travis did surprise me with what he came up with for gifts. I didn't want to tell him what I wanted because I wanted to see what he would pick out for me. And he came through.

I got some SUPER COMFY sketchers. (The Go-Walks). They're not the prettiest shoes when you look at them, but something magical happens when you put them on. Once your foot slides into the shoe, and your heel and toes sink into the cushion, they become the most beautiful shoe you have ever seen. Guaranteed. Go try it out. I heard the hallelujah choir and everything. Even Hailey knew there was something special about the shoes and had to try them on. 

But seriously, my feet are always hurting. These shoes are going to save me.

He got me this CUTE sweatshirt. And it's the color I've been obsessed with lately. (pictured in pictures below..)

Travis also made my cake this year. I love the ice cream cake that has been passed through generations on my mom's side. I taught Travis how to make it and he succeeded! It was scrumpdillylicious!

We also went to Red Robin for dinner. Yummmmm!
We ended the day by stopping by Target. Best way to end the day if you ask me. We were just browsing when we came across these puppies on one of the clearance end caps. 
I stopped in my tracks and pointed them out to Travis. He immediately loved them. So we reached for the price tag, anticipating to have our dreams diminish because we couldn't afford them (like usual). But something else happened this time! They were on SUPER clearance! Originally $90 each, but now ONLY $27! We literally jumped for joy and snatched them right up. We were planning on redoing our bedroom furniture soon, so this would be the kickstart. Now all we need is a headboard!

Happy birthday to me! I just love Target. It never fails me.

So no streamers or balloons, but Travis did so good at thinking of me and making my day special. I love that man.