Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back in 2010: Part 7- Final Semester Before MARRIAGE

After all our fun over the summer, we had to get back to school in the fall. Somehow Travis convinced his roommates to move into the same complex as my roommates and I. So we were only separated by a parking lot. Our two apartments were inseparable. It was a blast! 

 Best roommates ever! I love every single one of these girls!

Travis was caught in the act of checking me out! ;)
Travis' roommate, Curtis' volleyball team won!

My sister, Ashley, joined my apartment that semester. It was almost like she was my replacement. I was not a very fun roommate. All I wanted was to be with Travis. If I was able to go back now, I probably would have enjoyed my time with my roommates instead of being so crazy. But luckily Ashley was super fun and my roommates managed to have lots of fun without me.
You're welcome Ashley. I'm sure you love that I shared this picture.

 Curtis came to visit and we had a bonfire!

 Notice me in my normal clothes while my roommates are dressed for something super fun. See... I was lame!

I celebrated my 20th birthday with the best people in the world.
 My cousins, Kim and Candace, came to Rexburg to throw me a bridal shower.

Wedding planning was in full swing that semester. Travis and I sent out wedding invites.
When Christmastime rolled around, we had a HUGE Christmas dinner and present exchange between our apartments. It was a great last hurrah before we left the single life for good.

   Don't you just love our footie pjs?

 It's been fun looking back. I had the greatest college experience ever. I met people that are still some of my favorite people to this day. I was lucky to share my apartment and friends with my sister and I'm so glad my brothers were involved in my college life too. I was very very blessed. And they all took a road trip from Rexburg to Richland to come to my and Travis' wedding. They are the best!

Next up, a look back at the BIG DAY!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TWO Way Too Soon

Hailey is growing up so fast. I love everyday because she is constantly full of surprises. I love her spunky personality, even though a little attitude comes along with it. Life should be pretty interesting with this girl around.
Here are little snippets of Hailey's BIG personality.
-She has a little BIG attitude. She puts up an argument for everything. Usually I can't understand her, but she continues to argue. We're working on it. We're still a work in progress. ;) Luckily it's pretty dang cute, but we definitely have to stop it.
-Is constantly talking, but only saying something understandable every few words.

-I was going to try and list the words she knows, but it would be an infinite list. Her vocabulary has exploded recently. She can communicate what she wants almost all the time. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what she's trying to say, but once I do it seems silly I couldn't recognize before. She's started stringing 3 or more words together to make sentences. "More marmello (marshmallows) pees!", "I love cookies!", "Where he go?", "Dad! Where are you?"

-Her new phrase is, "Wha you doin here?". It's pretty dang cute. And she asks at the most random times. Usually I respond, "I live here....". haha.

-Even though she has a crazy attitude equivalent of a hormonal teenager, she balances it out with her sweetness. She gives hugs and kisses randomly throughout the day... everyday. She's constantly singing. And her cheese face never gets old!

-She got a broom for Christmas. I caught her sleeping with it the first night. She loves helping me clean. Whenever I pull out my broom, she drops whatever she's doing to run and grab her broom. Then we play keepaway. I try to keep my pile away from her as she's trying to "help".
 -She is still obsessed with Frozen. But has added a few more movies to her favorites.  Tangled (very close second to Frozen), Toy Story 1,2, and 3, both Monsters Inc movies, and the Little Mermaid.

-Loves Curious George and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

-Hailey LOVES her daddy. They have a special relationship. They wrestle and play all the time. I'm so glad she knows Mom doesn't do the wrestling. We'll leave that to Dad.
-She has to wear a "pretty" everyday. She's obsessed with hair things. I'm so glad she lets me put them in her hair. I definitely can't complain. As long as she picks out the color and if she wants one or two, she sits still for me to do it. Love it! (Some days I don't feel like putting a "pretty" in her hair, but she never lets me forget.)
-Says the prayer for meals before we even sit to eat. She's just so eager to dig in. Her prayers lately have been so funny. She just wants to eat so bad. ("Dear Heavenly Father, AMEN!")

-Hailey always repeats a verse or two when we have family scripture study. She doesn't really have her own scriptures yet. She's adopted a set, but they're in Spanish. Somehow that doesn't stop her from following along! haha
-Loves "ha das" (hot dogs), "chee" (cheddar cheese stick), and "marmellos" (marshmallows). She has almost the same lunch daily- a peanut butter sandwich, some apple slices, a cheese stick, and a few marshmallows.

-Just barely started throwing tantrums. We've been tantrum free up until now, but seriously since her birthday she's started laying down, kicking, and crying. Her tantrums are few and far between. But still, they happen.

-Every morning, my alarm is Hailey's little voice saying, "Moooooom! Open door!". Since she's in a toddler bed, she gets up and knocks on her door, yelling for me to open it.

-She's been potty trained since October and still going strong. She has a couple accidents here and there when she gets distracted playing, but does great overall.

-We just barely flipped her carseat forward facing. The first day we were driving around, Hailey was in the back yelling, "Oh no! Watch out!" over and over. Her whole world was moving backwards and she was so concerned for our safety. It was soooo funny.

-She checks on the baby everyday, along with my blood pressure. We got her a doctor kit for her birthday, but she still prefers the computer mouse.

And now... her two year stats: 

Height: about 32 inches (40th percentile) -She always grows out of clothes in length before they really even fit right in the waist.

Head: 18 3/4 inches (44th percentile)

Weight 21.4 pounds (10th percentile) -Little itty bitty girl.

No shots this time!

We love our Hailey Rae. She's growing up so fast. I love it. If I didn't have another little one on the way, I  think I'd be crying all the time because she's getting so big. She's going to be such a fun big sister. I see her being a great helper!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Hailey Rae!

Hailey turned TWO on Sunday. Okay, pick your jaw up off the floor. I know I know. That last year flew by! We don't have family close, and Hailey is still pretty young, so we decided to keep it pretty simple this year.

Our 88 year old neighbor, who calls himself "Grandpa Henry", has been giving Hailey a few dollars each week since we moved into our apartment. He comes over a few times a week, sometimes daily. When he found out Hailey's birthday was Sunday, he gave her some extra money for her birthday. He's the funniest old man. We decided to take Hailey to Build A Bear with Grandpa Henry's money. Then that would be her special bear from him.

We went on Friday. Hailey picked out a "horse" which was actually a giraffe. haha. Hailey got kind of nervous when the machine started fluffing the giraffe, but loved when it was all filled.
 They gave her a birthday sticker to stick on her shirt. Hailey is obsessed with stickers. She actually already had a sticker from my doctor's office and Target on her shirt. Boom, three stickers. The girl was happy. 
She picked out some underwear (hahaha) and a pretty dress for her giraffe.

After Build A Bear, we hit up the Disney Store. More for me than anything. A worker noticed Hailey's birthday sticker from Build A Bear on her shirt and asked how to spell her name.
 Then all of a sudden, the worker waved us over to the screen. They were playing a happy birthday song for Hailey! So sweet! Then Hailey colored a picture and we were on our way. 
 Travis had board reviews again this weekend, so we didn't see him much Saturday.

When Sunday rolled around, we decided to wake Hailey up to open presents before Travis left. Kind of a bad idea in theory, but it ended up working out. 

We decorated the staircase with balloons, thinking Hailey would love walking down between them. When she saw them on the stairs, she was so concerned about them being "stuck" (they were taped), and for some reason she thought they were "boken" (broken). So the whole way down the stairs, she stopped at each balloon and commented, "Oh no! Bayoon stuck. Oh no! Boken!" It was pretty cute and hilarious. 
Once she got down the stairs, she rounded the corner and BOOM! Awesome awaits.

 When Hailey saw the heart balloons, she said, "Look! It's booful (beautiful)!"
 The little Mickey table was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa. Hailey ran over and threw some presents off a chair and sat. She was so so excited about the table. And then she grabbed the first present and started ripping it open. It didn't take her long to get started.

She LOVED her princess shoes.
She made the funniest facial expressions and commentary while opening her presents. She cracks us up.
  She got a doctor kit since she's been so interested in the baby in my tummy. She's been using a computer mouse to check my blood pressure and listen to the baby's heart through my tummy. So she upgraded.
I think horses are her favorite animal right now (besides dogs). She was excited about her stuffed horse.
 I found some Disney Store plush characters for cheap (second hand).
 Flynn Rider

And Kristoff.
I got a guitar for Christmas that Hailey has kept trying to get her hands on.
    She was pretty excited to get her very own. (Also from a consignment sale. Only $5!)
Hailey got 101 Dalmations and 102 Dalmations with money from her Great Grandma.
Hailey had to switch seats to finish the few presents she had left.
 A lego set!
Hailey kept saying, "Yeehaw!" when opening her presents.
She got a "pwetty" dress from Bammy and PopPop.
 And some super cute shirts.
 Dad read her the card.
 After presents were opened, she immediately began jamming on her guitar.

Dad had to leave to go to board reviews, so Hailey and I watched 101 Dalmations and got ready for church. Hailey got a new dress to wear to church on her birthday. She looked too cute for words.

After church, Dad was home, so we went outside to take some pictures. Sometimes I think, "Holy crap. We're in big trouble with this one. She's so beautiful!".
Somehow a ball snuck outside with us, so Hailey kicked it around with Dad for a few minutes. I loved watching her run and kick the ball in her frilly dress.

 This is what happens when you play in a dress! 
Grandpa Henry stopped by to give Hailey a few extra dollars on her birthday. This girl is spoiled!
 After dinner, we had some cake. I didn't feel up to making a cake this time. It usually goes to waste because the three of us can't eat it fast enough. This year I bought a small cake from our grocery store's bakery. So much easier on myself. 
 I love Jenson's photobomb in this picture. haha
 That tongue! She is always sticking it out.

 I was actually surprised at how well Hailey blew out her candle. She didn't even spit on the cake!
 And of course, the cake was thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope Hailey knows how loved she is. Even though we didn't have a huge party with tons of people, I want her to know that so many people love her. I may have gone a little overboard on presents this year. Most came from consignment sales or TJ Maxx so it wasn't too hard on the wallet. I just can't help but spoil her. She has my heart and I love seeing her excitement. Hailey is such a sweet girl and I wanted her to feel so so special. I think it went pretty well. I can't believe we have a two year old!