Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's Day

Travis had to start Valentine's Day off studying at the library. Lame! I wanted to make the day special, so I made Hailey lunch with a heart-shaped sandwich. Go me! 
 She was pretty excited about it.
 Travis and I agreed no gifts this year. We were just planning on going to dinner. But I can't help myself, so I sneakily got Travis a heart-shaped box of kitkats (his favorite). Go me, again! But then the natural man in me was kinda, sorta disappointed that Travis didn't get me anything, even though we agreed no gifts. My pregnant, hormonal self probably wasn't very good at hiding my disappointment. It took me a couple hours after Travis left for the library to talk myself out of my ridiculous feelings.

But sneaky Travis had a plan the whole time. He came home after the library with flowers and some charms to add to my pandora bracelet. Awwwww. 
 We decided to head to Olive Garden in between lunch and dinner time so we wouldn't have a long wait. Success! We only waited about 10 minutes.
 We started off with a little coloring and some salad and breadsticks. Yumm! Get in my belly.
  Then came our food.
 Holy deliciousness! We don't get to Olive Garden very often, so my taste buds always cry tears of joy when we do.

 Hailey was very impressed with her chicken strips and fries and thought Travis should have a taste. 
 I felt so much love as I sat across from my two favorite people. I am sooo blessed. I have a husband who understands me more than I understand myself. Who loves me for ME. Who will do whatever it takes to provide for our family. Who is the greatest, silliest dad and husband ever. And I have a daughter who is getting older and wiser. She's learning so much every day. Even though we're trying to tame the wild attitude she has developed recently, she is still so sweet and loving, giving out spontaneous hugs and kisses every day. She will be the best big sister. And I am blessed with another little one growing inside me. Every day her kicks remind me of how blessed I really am. She's so active and I just know she's going to be rambunctious and fun. This pregnancy was a challenge for me in the beginning. I was constantly nauseous and sick. I'm finally starting to get my energy back. But I would do it all over again, because it is so worth it! I can't wait to meet our little girl.
 This Valentine's Day was a great one, spent with my loves.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Formal 2015- Be Royal!

I brought to Travis' attention the fact that I would LOVE to go to his school's formal dance. The last two years, he had no idea that it would be something I'd be remotely interested in. Whaaat? A dance with the sexiest guy I know? Why not?!

We made the plan to go. Yipeeee! My mom helped me find a dress while I was in Washington over Christmas break. And boom, it's officially going to happen.
My friend, Jamie, volunteered to do my hair and makeup. And I'm so grateful she did. I am so under-qualified when it comes to hair and makeup. I have no clue. I'm very thankful for her kindness.

Here's how I would have looked if I got ready myself, compared to how I actually looked (thanks to Jamie).

We arranged for a babysitter and got to Harrah's around 6. We got some group pictures taken at the photo booth.

 The guys.
The girls. (We all wore purple! It was NOT planned, but so funny!)
Dinner wasn't until 7, so we sat and talked at our table for a while. It was nice getting to know some of our group, who I hadn't really officially met before.

For dinner, they served chicken or roast, mashed potatoes and asparagus. I was served the biggest slab of roast at the table. They must have known I was so hungry, I was on the edge of turning into the Hulk. The food was devine.
Then they had awards and prizes. At 8:30, the dancing began. I kept waiting for a slow song, but it never came. So after dancing in my chair for a half hour, Travis and I finally got up to dance. We only danced three songs, but I was so sore the next day! I'm going to practice my moves for next year.
After dancing, we walked over to the Casino. Travis was DYING to try a slot machine, so he spent $5. He was satisfied.
I was worried about my growing (awkwardly sized) belly in my dress. I feel like I'm still in the chubby stage. But it all turned out and I felt beautiful.
I'm so glad my friend Jamie is also pregnant. We were belly buddies together.

The night was a blast! It was great spending some one-on-one time with my sexy, dancing machine of a husband. We're already looking forward to going again next year!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Back in 2010: Part 6- The Engagement

I only had a few days left in D.C. with Travis. I kept bringing up rings, thinking he needed a push or something. He kept saying he didn't have a ring yet and he was thinking about proposing around Thanksgiving time. Whaaaat? Come one, man!

I was trying not to be a crazy head, but I wanted a ring on my finger! (Sounds vain, I know. But diamonds are a girl's best friend.) We were already pretty much planning a wedding, so I was getting pretty impatient.

One of the last days in town, Travis said we should go on a picnic at Great Falls National Park. We picked up Chick-Fil-A for lunch and drove out to the park. The whole drive I was bugging Travis, listing all the reasons we can't wait until Thanksgiving to be officially engaged. I should have known he was messing with me. He's so good at messing with me- I know that now. He kept brushing me off, acting like it was no big deal. He wasn't even listening to me! I was getting MAD.

We paid for our parking and found a picnic table to eat at. I was pretty upset with Travis. He's so good at pushing my buttons. Lucky for him, this was my first experience with Chick-Fil-A, and I loved it! That brightened my mood a little. But I was still a little mad.

 After we ate, we started walking around on the paths of the park. There was a cool overlook we went and looked out from. The view was amazing!
We left the {very crowded} overlook and walked along the path some more. There were only a few overlooks along the path. And they were all occupied with a bunch of people. Travis tried to convince me we should leave the path and go look at the falls. There were signs EVERYWHERE that said, "Do Not Leave Path". So I told him we had to stay on the path, the sign said so. I'm a rule follower. If a sign says, "Do Not Leave Path", then I will not leave the path. If the sign said, "Hey, go ahead and leave the path! Have fun!" I totally would have. Travis kept bugging me and bugging me to leave the path. But I kept saying no. We were both getting frustrated. I wish he would have just said, "I want to propose to you in a private place. Follow me". I would have left the path, willingly, for that.

Finally he said, "I'm leaving the path. You can either come with me, or stay here on the boring path". Grrrr. That rule breaker! So I followed, reluctantly. We found a nice, personal little overlook on some rocks. I forgave him a little when I saw how beautiful the view was.

 I was taking my time, soaking in the view. When I turned around to Travis, he said he had a question for me. He looked so shaky and nervous. It was so sweet. He got down on one knee, gave some cute little speech, and asked me if I would marry him.

I was in shock. He had played me so well. I seriously had no clue this was going to happen so soon. So the first thing that popped out of my mouth was, "No.....way!". Poor Travis looked so confused. I was saying, "no way" because I just couldn't believe this was really happening. He was so nervous and now he was confused.

Then I said, "Well, put it on my finger!". So Travis slid it on my finger and asked, "Does that mean yes?". It was then that I realized I never actually said yes. haha. Oh man. So I replied, "Yes of course!". I could see the relief flood over Travis. He probably was pretty close to a heart attack when I said, "no". We hugged and kissed and celebrated. I wish I could say that I cried and cried because I was so incredibly happy. That would be cute. But I was so honestly shocked and in disbelief. It took a while to sink in. I pretty much floated around the rest of the day.

Here's the spot where it happened.

 Even though I was numb, I was still sooooo happy.
If only Travis had told me to do my hair that day. haha. We left the park after walking around some more. It was like a dream. I was walking along the falls, holding my FIANCE'S hand! It felt good. We took a picture of the ring and sent it to all my family. He picked it out all by himself, and I LOVED it. Way to go Travis!

Travis told me later that he had to wear cargo shorts to hold the box and ring. He's usually not a cargo short kind of guy. The whole time he was thinking I was going to see the bulge in his pocket. But I never noticed! Now, looking back at the pictures, his pocket is totally bulging. So funny. 
We finished up the last couple days in Virginia, then drove out to Rexburg together. Across the whole country! It was a loooooong trip. Travis and his dad had cosigned on a car while in Virginia, and it became our first (and so far only) car. We stopped at people's houses to stay the night along the way. We were grateful to those that opened their doors to us. One house didn't work out, so we had to stop at a hotel. We slept in separate beds, but I felt like such a rebel for sharing a room. On the way down the elevator in the morning, Travis looked at my hand and asked, "Where's the ring?!". I looked down, and lo and behold, it wasn't on my finger. Holy moly, holy moly, holy moly! I hadn't had it a week and I already lost it. We rushed back to the room and it was sitting on the night stand. Can you believe I almost left it there?!

So we drove back to Washington first, to show my family the ring. Then back to Rexburg to begin out last semester as single people.

Next up, our last semester before we were married. The story is almost complete! Craziness.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back in 2010: Part 5- Vacationing in Virginia

We went our separate ways after meeting for the Disney World vacation. I remember my siblings (and mom) singing, "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it" frequently when Travis was around. Poor guy. But I loved him hanging out and getting to know my family better. 

When we got back to Rexburg and Virginia, we continued our busy lives. Travis continued working his tail off and I kept my nose buried in books. We managed to survive the summer apart, and the semester ended. August finally came. 

Travis' family flew me out to Virginia to meet them. Travis was working when my flight landed, so his dad picked me up. That could have been awkward, since it was the first time I was meeting him, but I immediately loved him. He's super great. I remember the humidity hitting me like a wall when I walked out of the airport. I could almost grab a handful of it, it was so thick. Definitely something I wasn't used to.

Travis' dad drove me back to their house. I met Travis' mom, and then Travis came home from work not too much later. I also met Travis' younger brother, Tate. Travis' sister, Tana, and her husband also met us at the house. 

We drove to Smith Mountain Lake where we stayed for a week. We spent every day wakeboarding and hanging out. It was glorious! And the water was soooo warm! I was NOT used to warm water. But I guess that's what you get on the east coast.

Travis is so hott...
And check Travis' dad out!

I barely learned how to wakeboard a couple weeks before the trip. Travis joked that wakeboarding was the test to be accepted into their family. Which made an already nervous person, even more nervous. So I had my friend's dad teach me the basics before I went with Travis' family. That helped a bit, Travis' family was impressed with how fast I was picking it up. Yessss! 
 Butttt things took a turn and I had a pretty bad wipe out.
 I remember catching an edge, falling forward, and then popping up out of the water. I saw blood around me in the water and I couldn't function. I just floated there, frozen. Then, like a cheesy, romantic movie, Travis dove into the water to save me. He swam over and pulled me to the boat. Travis' dad used his own shirt off his back to put on my head. Talk about a bonding experience.
 Travis' uncle and family barely got to the lake and were pulling their boat out to meet us. We met them at the dock and explained that I probably needed stitches. Travis' uncle had a dental practice in town, so he, Travis, and I drove out there to fix me up. Travis' uncle did a mighty fine job sewing me up. 
I have a scar, but it's not a bad one. I actually love the scar because I love the memory.
So the rest of the time at the lake, I was a spectator (which I didn't mind). I loved watching Travis in the water. He was such a showoff. I thought for sure Travis would be proposing at the lake. What better location could there be? Am I right or am I right? But I was wrong.

After a week at the lake, we headed back to Travis' parents house. We spent another week there, checking out sites in D.C. and hanging out.

 I loved getting to know Travis' goofy brother Tate. We hit it off, and I can't wait to see him when he gets back from his mission in August.
 My brother, Cameron, was actually serving his mission in the mission Travis' parents were in. Sooo... with permission from his mission president, we met for lunch! It was pretty awesome!! 
 We ate at a yummy pizza place.
And then we had to say our goodbyes. Cameron had less than two months until he came home, so it wasn't goodbye for long.
What an adventurous trip so far! Virginia was beautiful, and so many memories were already made! But the best is yet to come. Little did I know, Travis had a plan up his sleeve.

Up next, the crazy engagement story!