Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our New News

Okay... I'm not pregnant for those that are curious and wondering. No, it's not that kind of news; although I wouldn't mind if it were. haha. Anyways, our future has drastically changed in the last few weeks, but it's amazing! We have never felt so at peace with our lives. Here's the story:

Travis has been focusing on dental school, and what he needs to get done to get in, for the past year or so (since we've been married). He's been doing countless hours with his head in his books studying. He has incredible work ethic and I think he's amazing. But these classes were hard. He pulled Bs in them, but that still made it hard to be competitive in dental school. We've been wondering and stressed forever. We didn't know if the future we were planning for would even work out. He was planning on taking the DAT (dental test) in April and then start applying to dental schools this summer. It was going to be a very expensive process because he wanted to fly out and talk to the schools to have a better chance of getting in. We're talking thousands and thousands of dollars here, folks. So thinking about the future has been stressful because it's been so up in the air.

Then he attended a job fair on campus. It was the exact one I interviewed for jobs around Rexburg at. Job fairs have a bunch of careers and graduate schools talking with you if you walk up to their booth. So there I was, planning for our future and applying to get a job close by because we were planning on staying in Rexburg for the next school year. And Travis was changing our future! He found a booth that was all about chiropractics. It was called Cleveland Chiropractic School (or something like that). But it's not even in Cleveland! haha. Anyways, Travis talked to them for a long time and he was convinced. He needed to be a chiropractor and he needed to go to that school.

When he first told me, I tried to be supportive, but I was doubtful. I thought chiropractors were weird witch doctors and were crazy people. He researched chiropractics like crazy, and has fallen in love with it every day since. He loves the human body, and he can't imagine reaching into people's mouths anymore. So we were stuck. No dentistry. It's kind of scary when it's all you've planned for for the past forever! So this lady walked Travis through the application process. There is no test that is required to get into chiropractic schools. It turns out he has all the classes he needs. He just needs to pass his organic chemistry class this semester and he's set! So he applied. Everything for the application finally settled, and he was accepted on Tuesday. As long as he gets a C in organic chemistry this semester. So we're headed to chiropractic school in January! It's so crazy! We've felt at peace with the whole process. We're going to be in Kansas City. Kansas!? Seriously?! Yes. And it will be very exciting. I can't wait to be somewhere that is just ours. It's our life in Kansas. Our future really is happening. I'm graduating in April, Travis in December, and we're headed to Kansas in January. Amazing. So that's our major update. Life is wonderful and we are so blessed.

P.S. There's a temple in Kansas City. Awesome!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take a Look

Isn't this so great!? haha. She ran in this morning and handed me the note. I love that the flower is twice as big as Travis and I. This note may give you the impression that I talk about Travis a lot (since she knows his name). But the girls in class saw him once and thought he was the cutest thing ever. So they asked his name, I told them, and they will never forget it. They always ask about him. haha.

Blessings Galore

God is so good, even when I don't deserve it. Don't get me wrong, I am consistently trying to better myself. I humble myself often. I try to think nice thoughts about people and drivers around me. I think about doing the right thing on a daily basis... haha. But I fail a lot. Like every day. I catch myself looking at people and thinking, "Did they honestly look in the mirror this morning?" or "I wonder if they know how huge their rear end is" or "That person just cut me off... I hate them and wish bad things upon them!". See? I'm a jerk! I judge people left and right. And it's probably the thing I'm working on the most. I guess that just means I'm human. Prayer definitely is a great antidote for impatience and judgementalness (That is now a word). The more I pray for those around me, the more I feel a great love for them. So I'm a work in progress.

ANYWAYS, I'm just writing to say God loves me even though I full of flaws. And he blesses me on a daily basis. For instance, a few weeks back I went to a job fair on campus. I had a few interviews (no biggy) with school districts in Rexburg, Rigby, and Idaho falls, but I honestly thought I stunk and nobody would be impressed with me. All the districts told me to go online and apply and they'll get back to me... blah blah blah. I didn't think anything was going to come of it. I was planning on applying for a teaching job around here, but then our plans have changed. I'll update you on our plans in a upcoming blogpost. But instead of leaving Rexburg fall 2013 (which would give me a full year to teach), we're leaving in January 2013. So I can't really get a teaching job anymore. I decided not to apply anywhere. So today, I got this phone call. It was the principal of Madison Middle School (where I'd be a math teacher) in Rexburg. PERFECTION! He said he noticed that I never applied to teach there. He says he has one spot open and is finishing up the interview process today. He asked if I could come in and interview, and we could figure out the application stuff after. Holy crap! (Excuse my language.) He asked me to interview without me even applying!! Isn't that amazing? I had to say no... because we're leaving in January and that would be bad to do to him. But it was a great feeling knowing I was wanted, and that I was good enough. I don't know if you get my drift, but I felt like I was on cloud nine. It was the best opportunity I've ever turned down. haha. Our future better turn out, or I turned down an amazing thing for nothing.

Anyways, another blessing today. My friend and I were driving to the elementary school in Idaho Falls where we student teach. While we were on the freeway, the car in front of us suddenly slammed on its breaks and came to a complete stop. Wowa! The other lane had cars in it. So my friend was driving (luckily) and swerved toward the median (which had a railing). When she swerved, we realized the reason the car stopped. THERE WAS A LADDER LAYING ACROSS THE LANE AND INTO THE MEDIAN! We had no choice but to keep swerving toward the railing. Somehow, seriously miraculously, we squeezed between the ladder and the railing. Miracles do happen! We were centimeters from hitting both the railing and the ladder. Here, I'll draw a picture for you:
Everything happened in like 2 seconds. I don't know if you understand how scary it was, but my friend was shaken up for like an hour afterwards. It was crazy. We were very blessed.

So my point is, God is so good and blesses Travis and I on a daily basis. I know he is aware of us and even cares about the little things happening in our lives. We love you all!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snowboarding and Such

Travis's birthday was on Thursday. He turned a woppin' 24 years-old. I'm married to an old man! I got everything wrapped and ready to give to him on Tuesday because Wednesday was going to be a busy day for me. He got home on Tuesday and his presents were already wrapped and ready for Thursday. (Yup, I'm prepared.) Once he got home, I just needed to see him open his presents. I couldn't wait anymore! I felt like a child on Christmas. I wanted him to see everything that I got him. I did good this year. So after much begging (on my part) he opened one of his presents. He got some movies and a couple shirts. So I was satisfied. He still had a present for Thursday. But then I thought about the stuff in the other present. So I made him open that one too. You don't understand-I just couldn't wait! The anticipation was driving me insane. So he was charitable and he opened the other present to please me. We're movie people so he got a couple more movies, some shirts, and a cd. So yeah..... I did good. He had a good birthday... a couple days early. Next year I'll wrap the presents the day of. haha.

We also went snowboarding today as a part two to Travis's birthday. Taylor and Lauren came with us to Targhee. It was fun. It was sooooo snowy! I couldn't believe the powder. It was a way different experience than my first time in Virginia.

So this was my second time snowboarding. For some reason, everyone (including me) thought I should start on the regular hill. We got there, rode the chair lift up, and started to head down the mountain. Holy moly, it was so foggy!! I could only see about two feet in front of my face. And I couldn't really remember how to snowboard. I was using a different board and I just couldn't get used to the feel of it. Lauren and Taylor went a little bit ahead and got lost in the fog. They just continued down the mountain and went on their merry way. (Which I'm glad they did.) Travis stayed with me as I fell down the mountain. Seriously. I fell down the mountain. After many tears, falls, words to as close to swearing as I get, and a couple hours, we made it down the mountain. Yes, you heard me right. It took us two and a half hours to get me down the mountain. And when we got down, the lift was closed and our time was up. MISERABLE. Travis and I learned that I need to start on the bunny hill next time we go. It was insane. haha. But enjoy some pictures! I hope Travis had a fun two part birthday. Even though it was hard, it was definitely a fun time.

On the drive to the mountain. Aren't they cute?
Look at the crazy snow! It was so deep!
See my face? That's how I felt... haha.
That is the mountain. That's how foggy it was. So crazy! You can't even see it.

Laugh Attack

Taylor (Travis's brother) and his girlfriend were watching a movie with Travis and I. There was a funny part in the movie and Taylor started laughing. I think his laugh is so funny-one of those contagious ones. So I started laughing. He thinks my laugh is funny.... so it's never ending. We laughed and laughed and laughed forever. Travis pulled out our ipad and recorded some of it because it was so crazy. So here's a small blip of what we experienced. Let me know who's laugh is more contagious.... haha. Enjoy!

P.S. It's dark because we were watching a movie.