Friday, January 27, 2012


It finally snowed here. It took a while. Even Washington got snow before us. I thought I hated snow, but this long winter without it has seemed a little wrong. So when the flakes started coming down, I was okay with it. The kids at school were ecstatic. Maybe that's what got me excited too.

On Sunday it was super icy. I stepped on the stairs to head down to our basement apartment and totally slipped and fell! Luckily, I always hold onto the handrail, even in dry weather. So I grabbed hold of that and managed to save myself from a good spill. Travis was right behind me. He claims he was filled with adrenalin when he saw me go down. He picked me up with one arm. Haha. What a manly man. Anyways, I twisted my back funny, so now it bothers me a little. But it's okay. The weather and I are somehow remaining friends, even after a few awkward moments.

Travis and I saw the movie, We Bought a Zoo last weekend. For those of you that have seen Warrior, it's up there at that level of greatness. I recommend both those movies to anyone who wants to be inspired. Those kind of movies always make me want to be a better person. I leave the theater thinking I'm going to do something to make a difference in the world. Then I just go home and get on facebook while drinking my hot chocolate. It's kind of hard to change the world, so I'll try another day.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Say My Name, Say My Name

So... when my last name was Bullock, I never really got teased about it. People would laugh when bullocks would get sacrificed in the Bible, but that was it. But now that my last name is Simmons I'm getting teased... BY CHILDREN! They're calling my "Mrs. Cinnamon" and then they laugh. What the heck? haha. Travis says he's never heard cinnamon before. He's been called Travis Lemons... but that's about it. Kids are pretty creative.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So it's only a few weeks into the semester. I love student teaching, I do. I love the kids so much! I love my teacher and I know I am so blessed. And kids say the funniest things. I'm constantly trying to control my laughter.

The other day the kids were asked if they knew why the had this last Monday off of school. A little girl responds, "Well, the calendar says it's 'Milk Day''. haha (MLK Day). So funny.

 Life is good. Travis is busy with his classes. We are both exhausted after a long day at our different schools, and we both come home to more work that takes up our time until we hit the sack. I have to come home and prepare my upcoming lessons. Travis comes home and studies like crazy. Sometimes I just feel like we're roommates because we're so busy. But that's when we slow down for a second and make some time for each other. I only have 10 weeks left until I graduate. (Not that I'm counting down.. ;) )

Oh... let me tell you something. I'm cursed. Don't ever go on a nice vacation. Once you do, you're cursed. Every day of my life (maybe not every day, but pretty close to it!) I think about the Bahamas. I want to escape the demands of every day life and relax on the beach. I want to be in the place again, where time doesn't matter. haha.
But don't get me wrong. Life is wonderful. Life is glorious. We are so blessed. I love every day and I love spending every day with my handsome husband. I hope you all are doing well! We love you all!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Twenty Twelve

Life is wonderful. Travis began another semester full of tough classes, and I began student teaching. I'm in a fourth grade classroom at an elementary school in Idaho Falls. I have to commute there and back every day. I'm kind of scared for the bad weathered days ahead, but I'll drive slow. I'm really enjoying my time in the classroom. There are 24 students in the class. About half are ADD boys. Seriously, half the class is ADD. So it's a pretty chatty class. There's an boy with autism in my class too. He's such a sweet boy. I'm teaching math all next week and probably the rest of the semester. So I'm in heaven. I love math! I'll probably add a subject on top of what I'm teaching every few days or so until I'm teaching the whole day. I'm kind of nervous, but really excited. Figuring out how to teach something is kind of challenging, but I like working my brain.

Travis is excited to push through this semester. He knows it will be hard and busy, but this is his last semester of tough classes to finish up his prerequisites for dental school. He'll be taking the DAT in May and applying to dental schools all over the country in June. It's kind of exciting to not know where we'll be next year. We could be anywhere! So we're doing great. Both of us are pushing through a tough and rewarding semester. Life is glorious and we love each other.