Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's a Bug's Life

Our ward had a Trunk or Treat last night. We got Hailey's costume at a consignment sale (yep... I'm obsessed) a few months ago. She was a fat butterfly. I can't just say butterfly, because she was so fat. It can't be ignored. haha. 

Travis and I (mostly me) wanted to dress up with her. We decided to be a whole family of bugs. I made the costumes and had tons of fun doing it! I was a lady bug and Travis was a spider. (He wouldn't wear antennas, so we had to find a "cool" bug.)

P.S. His real legs count as part of the 8 legs.

We had lots of fun. When we went trunk or treating I felt a little silly taking my 7 month old baby around, collecting candy that she can't even eat. But Travis and I are enjoying the candy! haha.

Look at our cute friends as Snow White and the evil queen. So cute! We had so much fun. The weather was AMAZING! And I loved seeing all the kids in their costumes. I love Halloween.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Crazies

We were very excited to carve our pumpkins after we picked them up at Shaake's Pumpkin Patch. We carved them for family home evening last night. Travis and I learned that neither of us have very good pumpkin carving skills. But it was still fun. I just love Fall! October is a great month. And not only because it is my birthday month. ;) I love seeing the leaves in the trees change color.

Anyways, back to our pumpkin carving.
Here's our "before" picture.

Silly Travis.

We worked together on Hailey's. I did the mouth and he did the eyes and nose.

Mine is a VERY happy pumpkin.

 Did you notice Hailey's Halloween colored clothes? She may have a little bit of a crazy mom.

Does anyone else think his pumpkin's mouth looks like the Batman symbol? haha
The Final Product

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I have never set hard goals for myself. Most of the time I don't even bother to set goals because I know I won't keep them anyways. After having Hailey, Travis and I set the goal of running a half marathon. I have never struggled so much, wanted to quit so often, or been tested as much as I experienced training for the half marathon. So when we ran the Kansas City Half Marathon yesterday I felt like I accomplished something amazing. It felt triumphant. Thanks for all those that have been rooting me on this whole journey! It was hard, but so incredibly worth it. 

The morning of the race was the coldest one yet. It was 33 degrees when the race started (at 7:05 am) and 37 degrees when it ended. We didn't notice the temperature as we were running, just before and after.
About to start the race!
It took us 10 minutes to get to the start line once the race started. There were over 12,000 competitors! We had a time chip tied to our shoe laces, so our time didn't start until we crossed the starting line. 
This was right after the longest hill of my life! (at mile 3)

Our great friends, Matt and Brielle, took Hailey at 5 in the morning! They are superstars! They brought her and were waiting patiently at the finish line. I loved seeing her cute face after I finished.

Travis finished 10 seconds ahead of me.

 People were so supportive on the sides of the race. There were people cheering the whole way! I was very grateful for that. It helped me push myself. People had such funny signs. I wish we would have taken pictures. The best I can do is quote a few.

"You're running better than our government!"
"Worst parade ever! Where are the floats?"
"Run like you're someone who stole something"-written and held by a 6 year old girl.
Fun stuff. There were some people dressed up so funny! Superheroes, princesses, people with crazy socks, and even 
I can't even imagine running 13 miles in a banana suit.
We finished in 2 hours and 13 minutes (A 10:10/mile average). Our goal was to finish by 2 hours and 30 minutes. We creamed it! I'm so glad we did this. It's something I want to do after each pregnancy. Travis now wants to do one every year. I hear they're addicting and I believe it. Once you do it, you know you can, and you want to do another. 

Here's after the race. The space blankets were so nice because right when we stopped running we got cold.  And  check out those medals! 

Here's a head's up: If you're wearing a pretty heavy medal you shouldn't lean down to pick up your child. It will smack them in the head and they will be upset (sorry Hailey!). Now I know.

Shaake's Pumpkin Patch

After our race Saturday, we took Hailey to a pumpkin patch. I'm so glad we chose to go. It was so much more fun than we expected! 

Luckily they had a free hayride to the pumpkin patch so we didn't have to walk. Our legs were SO sore after the half marathon.

Havin' fun on the hayride. haha.
There were so many pumpkins! It was hard committing to just three. I kept picking some up and then finding a better one. I wanted to jump off the hayride on the way back because I saw some better pumpkins than what we chose. Good thing my legs were too sore to handle me jumping off. It saved me from embarrassing myself. I have pumpkin commitment issues. The first step is admitting my problem, right?
See those tiny people in the distance? There's pumpkins back there too!

We had lots of fun!
I'm excited to make it an annual thing. Now on to carving our pumpkins for Family Home Evening tomorrow. Woohoo!

**Bonus: Enjoy this moment captured by Travis. A truck was driving by and dust was blowing in my face. haha. 

Close up!
You're welcome.