Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One of Those Days

So this is probably something I shouldn't post on my blog for all the world to see, but I'm going to anyways. I want people to know what I have gone through, and I want to look back and laugh about it. So.. posting on my blog is a must. 

Today has just been "one of those days". Do you know what I mean? Everything seems to be going wrong for you? Well this morning, I scraped my toe and my toe nail polish came off on one toe. I planned on just painting that toenail real quick right before I walked out the door. So I got ready for the day, put my sandals on, and left. As we were driving, I suddenly remembered my toe and shouted "Oh no!". Travis thought we were about to crash, so he kinda got freaked out. He wasn't happy to hear that my yelling was just because I forgot to paint my one toenail. But I think this situation deserves a "getting into a crash" kind of yell. I'm walking around with sandals on, bright blue toe nail polish, and one random toenail is blank. Yeah.

So I'm already feeling pretty lousy cause my toe (who wouldn't, right?). My stomach starts to act up in class. The kind of acting up that will get you in trouble later. It started making gurgling noises that I was afraid would come out the wrong end soon. So after class I make a trip to the bathroom. I go in the stall (don't worry... there won't be too much detail) and I'm doing my thing. Then another girl comes in and goes in the stall next to me. Who does that? There are plenty of other stalls to choose from. So as I'm thinking this, she starts chuckling to herself. Not really the normal type of chuckle. Like a creepy, "I'm a weirdo" chuckle. So I decided to cut my business short and leave. No success there.

So I'm waiting outside Travis' class with a gurgling stomach. So far the things that have "slipped out" have been silent. I'm reading my scriptures and there's a girl sitting in the hall across from me and a couple of girls down the hall. All of a sudden, I feel something building up inside my gut. It escapes and I know that everyone had to have heard. It echoed through the hall! I hope you understand that I just "let one". I'm trying to make it sound as lady-like as possible.
So that happened and I immediately said, "Oh wow, Excuse me." But guess what, nobody even looked up from what they were doing. Nobody even acknowledged it. I know they heard it. I wish they would have just looked at me and laughed with me. Cause I was laughing at myself. haha. So I felt pretty embarrassed at that moment. And I bet they noticed my toenail too.

So then after Travis' class gets out, we head to a building to go study. We made a trip to the bathroom, which I was grateful for. But I happened to choose a stall that the toilet paper wasn't working in. I could only get a piece that was the size of my eyeball. Not the best experience.

So that's my day so far. And it's only 10:30! What does that rest of the day have in store for me? haha

Friday, September 23, 2011

Commuting Makes Us Crazy

Hello there. Wanna know something? Travis and I hate commuting to Rexburg from Idaho Falls. Some people don't mind it... but we do. So what are we going to do about it you ask? We're going to move to Rexburg. That's what. It's a decision we decided about 2 days ago. And we've been calling around and walking through apartments everyday since.
We've looked at 2 basement apartments-- both very roomy. But we're in a basement apartment now... and there are TONS of bugs. When it's sprayed, it's not so bad. But still. And then we've looked at 2 regular apartments in apartment complexes. All these places have been walking distance of the school. Which we need because I go to the elementary school twice a week this semester and full time next semester. Poor Travis has to walk to school.

Anyways, so we've been contemplating what to do and where to go. Most of the places we've looked at are looking for immediate move ins. We don't mind that. We want to move as soon as possible, but we still have to pay October's rent at the place we're at now. So we'd be paying double rent for a month. If we have to, we'll do it. But we'd rather not. So there's this apartment we looked at today. It's the handicapped apartment in the complex. So everything is more open. The bathroom is  HUGE! But it also has no cabinet doors underneath the kitchen sink, no cabinet under the bathroom sink, and bars on the walls in the bathrooms (to help people in their wheelchair). But this place is "move in able" on Nov. 1st. So it's a little better of a deal for us. No double rent. So we're thinkin. And we're thinkin some more. And we're still thinking about what we just thought about. And then we'll probably think about it one more time before we decide.

So my point is, we're moving! We love the ward we're in now. We love our calling in primary. We love Idaho Falls. We love being walking distance from the temple. We love our nice big, spacious apartment with bugs. And we love the river close to our home. BUT WE HATE COMMUTING. And I guess that wins. So I just thought I would let you know what we're thinking about. Yup. Have a good day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Double Duty

Travis and I don't mess around.
I rub his head as he rubs my feet. Life is gooooooood.

Dreams DO Come True

This morning when I finished my hair, I was not satisfied. It was too late for me to change my hair-do because we had to leave. I told Travis that I hope it rains today so I can have an excuse for my bad hair day.

We walked outside and BOOOM it's raining. Awesome. Dreams do come true. And now people just think my hair stinks cause of the weather. Boo yah.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Pictures

I realized that I haven't been taking too many pictures of recent happenings- most likely because they're too boring to take a picture of! So sorry that my blog is getting more boring. I'll try and to take more pictures of life. I know I love posts with pictures.

Anyways, Travis and I started school this last Monday. It is actually an intense semester for both of us. We have been busy since the first day of school. We're still living in Idaho Falls, so we have to commute to Rexburg every day. We usually get to campus around 7:30 and leave around 5:30. Long day! Travis is constantly studying. He studies for hours on campus, and then comes home to study while I make dinner. He eats dinner with me and then returns to studying until 9:30ish. Then we go to bed. Isn't life fun?? I have homework to keep me busy for most of the hours of the day, but not until 9:30. That's why I make dinner and do the dishes and whatev. I know Travis will be blessed for trying so hard in his classes. We're hoping he can get some high grades in his hard classes this semester (Physics, Organic Chemistry, and Biology!). Travis has been so busy these past few days. We haven't spent too much time together. Yesterday, Travis and I got home from school around 2:30ish. We ate lunch together and then played Yahtzee! Twas fun spending some time with my hubster.

So this semester I'm in my Senior Practicum class. It's pretty much like student teaching but only twice a week. I was assigned to be in 5th grade at a charter school in Idaho Falls. Charter schools are different than public schools because they aren't connected to the school board or a school district. They have their own set of rules and ideas they follow. I'm interested to see how this school works. I'm kind of nervous to be in a 5th grade classroom Monday and Wednesday, all day! I'm also required to teach at least one lesson every day I'm in the class. So it's a little bit scary. I start going this coming Monday. I'll let you all know how it goes! I hope I do okay in the classroom all day.

Well life is rolling along for us. We're busy, but we're blessed every day. We hope everything is going well for you and we love you all!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I failed again at making no bake cookies. We were invited to dinner tonight so I decided I'd bring some cookies along. FAIL! They didn't harden. Travis bought the cheap, instant oats on our latest shopping trip. Do you think that makes a difference? It must not be me, right? haha.

Well other than my pride that has taken a blow, life is excellent. Travis taught a lesson on prayer today to our 4 year old primary class. They are so funny. Today, for sharing time, a missionary came and spoke to the kids. The little girl sitting next to me (who is the loudest, most passionate singer in junior primary) told me she's seen him before (talking about the Elder). I figured her family must have had the missionaries over for dinner or something, so I asked. Her reply was something I was not expecting. "I saw him in my dreams." I kinda laughed. I didn't really know what to think. Is she dreaming about her eternal companion as a 4 year old? Or was this Elder really in her dream. I don't know.. but it was a little funny. In class today, we were coloring pictures at the end of the lesson. The same girl mentioned earlier said she wanted to sing us a song. I didn't care since we were just coloring, so I said go ahead. She started singing some nonsense song and the girl next to her said, "That's a dumb song." She wasn't trying to be mean, I think she was just stating her opinion. But Travis and I both started laughing so hard. And the poor girl that was singing didn't know what to think. But she got over it pretty quick and entertained us for the rest of the coloring period with songs about Jesus and butterflies and church created by a 4 year old mind.

Travis and I start fall semester tomorrow! We are both pretty nervous. Travis is nervous because he has a crazy load of classes. He needs to get perfect grades this semester and that's probably stressful to think about. I'm nervous because it's my last semester of learning before I'm thrown into the schools as a student teacher. Freaky!! Life is fun and crazy! Hopefully this next semester allows us to have some spare moments to enjoy life and not be stressed. We shall see!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Washington Family Time

Travis and I have been in Washington since Aug. 26th. It's definitely a long drive from Idaho Falls to Richland, but it's worth it once we get here. It's fun seeing my family and getting absorbed into "the Bullock world" for a while. There is always something going on. We got to help with Ashley and Drew's reception on Saturday. It ended up being 100 percent perfect. (Besides the crazy bees flying around the food! But my brothers took turns catching them in cups, shaking them up, and stepping on them. haha). Her reception was held in the backyard of a friend's house and was so stinkin' beautiful! I want my backyard to be at least half as gorgeous someday.
On Sunday night, my grandma went into the ER. She started bleeding inside and her doctor told her to get to the hospital. She's still there today (Thursday) and the doctors at the hospital can't seem to find where the problem is. They're running a lot of tests and watching her. We're hoping they figure it out soon so she can return home to her little pet miniature parrot (Sky) that is missing her at home. She is so inspiring because she has the best attitude. I love her to death. My mom is also amazing because she is constantly over at the hospital sitting with her for 5 or more hours at a time. She's amazing. What amazing examples I have to look to.

Yesterday Travis, me, my bro Cameron, and my pretty much bro Kyle, went to Silverwood for the day. (It's a theme park that's a few hours away.) Cameron checked the weather and told us it was supposed to be 75 degrees the day we were going. Perfect, right? WRONG. Cameron was checking the weather for Richland, not Coeur D'Alene (the city Silverwood is in). It ended up raining most of the day and we were all dressed in shorts and t-shirts. I invested in a new jacket at Silverwood. haha. It was fun though. Going on the roller coasters while it's raining is an adventure! Someday, you should try it. Twas a fun day.

Today, I went to my dad's office and got an eye exam. AND I GOT SOME CONTACTS! AND TRAVIS AND I BOTH GOT NEW SUNGLASSES! Life is pretty exciting, eh? We are both soooo in love with our sunglasses. Sooooo in love. And I love love love being able to see and still be attractive. haha. I got sick of looking at myself in my glasses. So that was fun.

Okay.... this is ending up to be super long. I'll finish real quick. Travis, Cameron, and I went on a bike ride today. It was supposed to be a nice, leisurely ride along the river. But Cameron was determined to make it to a certain point down the path. For those of you that are familiar with Richland, we went from Columbia Point Marina to the Blue Bridge AND BACK! It ended up being 15 miles. Leisurely bike ride? Not really. Relaxing? Not at all! Super long? Heck yeah. Fun?? Ummmm... okay.. it was! And I got my exercise for the week. hahaha. Naw. I'll admit, it was pretty bad, but I'd do it again. So far this trip has been full of adventures and opportunities to spend money. It's been great fun.