Monday, December 31, 2012

Is This Real Life?

We set up the baby's nursery a couple days ago. That's when it really hit that we're going to be parents. I kind of had a little miniature anxiety attack. I sat on the floor, holding a diaper, wondering how the heck I was supposed to be a mother. A MOTHER. That's a big deal. I'm crazy excited to meet this cute little munchkin though. Travis put the crib together (with very little grumbling or complaining). It was very impressive. We got the mattress (thanks mom) and set it up with the crib bedding. Ummm.... cute!! I'm in love with it. We found the bedding from someone in Rexburg that only used it for a month. It's in great condition, and it's a 6 piece set. It was a great deal. And I love it more than any other set I found online. So happy mommy-to-be here. 

We had our first baby appointment with our Kansas doctor a few days ago. The doctor is GREAT and the office staff is wonderful. I'm way more happy with these folks than I was in Rexburg. We got pretty lucky. ANNNNND, we got another ultrasound! We weren't expecting it since most don't get another ultrasound after 20 weeks. But this office likes to do ultrasounds with their new patients. So we saw our little girl, and WOW, she's grown. Here's a few pictures. Enjoy!
Look at those chubby cheeks! I just wanna kiss 'em!

I love her little foot.

Not the best profile, her arm is laying along side her face. But still cute. ;)
We're going to be parents! Soon it will be the year that our baby girl is born. That's what I'm most looking forward to in 2013. Travis and I are crazy excited and can't wait to meet her. Only 2 and a half months left!

"You're Not in Kansas Anymore"... Oh Wait!

Yep. We are in Kansas. Travis starts chiropractic school at Cleveland Chiropractic College on January 7th (a week from today). He's super excited and I am very excited for him. He has a deep passion for the human body, how it works, and how to make it function to the best of its ability. He's eager to jump in and learn. And I have to admit, I'm anxious to take advantage of the free chiropractic care we get while he's in  school. hehe.

Can you see the excitement in his face?

We're living right outside Kansas City, KS. We're in a suburb called Overland Park. I can't imagine what it's like to actually live in Kansas City because Overland Park already seems like "big city living" to me. Seriously people, there are three Targets here. YEAH... THREE! And there's a HUGE mall that has over 200 stores. And there are like two or three outlet malls, along with another couple smaller malls. There's a Costco (Woohoooo!), Super Walmart, Super Target, Hobby Lobby, Buy Buy Baby, multiple Panda Expresses, and anything else your mind can come up with. The roads are all 6 lanes and 45 mph. Rexburg's speed limit was 25 or 35mph around town. It feels like we're always speeding. So pretty much this place is huge... and I'm excited to shop! I'm glad Travis dragged me to this place to spend four years while he's in school. There is so much going on. And it meets my criteria for a place to make me happy. It has a Walmart, Target, mall, and Red Robin. We're good.

We're living in a cute little two bedroom townhouse apartment. It's actually not very little. It's by far the biggest place we've called our own at 1,232 square feet. We just came from 800 square feet, so we're living the dream. Travis' parents and brother were here with us when we moved. They helped us settle in and make this place our home. We painted the family room, picked out some new furniture, and put pictures up. We're grateful for their helpfulness and love that they shared with us. We couldn't have made this transition without them.

Here's our "BEFORE" picture. Boring! (And nasty furniture!)

Travis painting. He worked so hard and fast.

We chose the blue because it matches our furniture.

Travis' dad did the edges and Travis did the rest of it. What a team!

He approves of the chair. :)

And here's the couch. The pillows match the chair.
Here's the "AFTER" picture. We're not done decorating the walls. But it's a start.

The kitchen is small, but works fine.

We found this bird picture at Hobby Lobby. It pulls in the blue from the other room. Random and fun!
And here's the outside. Cute place, huh? We're the end unit, so that's pretty lucky.
We love it here so far. We're excited to kind of be in our own place. Family isn't close, so we have to rely a lot more on each other. We're excited to get to know the people in our ward and make this our home for the next four years.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was a great success. Travis' parents and brother were with us for Christmas. We just moved to Kansas and are having a blast. I'll post later about Kansas and how awesome it is. Last night we had a family night and read Christ's birth story in Luke. We talked about the true reason of the season and sang TONS of carols. Twas wonderful.

This morning, we got up and opened presents around 7:30. Even Lyla got a couple things. And the baby got some things too! It's crazy how grandmas can spoil a baby before it's even born. Haha. But I'm grateful for their love. Here's some fun pictures from Christmas. Enjoy! I hope you all have had and continue to have a Merry Christmas!