Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puppy Love

It's a Girl!

I had a baby. Okay, I didn't "have" the baby, but I bought one! Here's the story.

I was staying after school for some parent-teacher conferences at the elementary school in Idaho Falls. My friend and I went to Walmart to kill some time between when school ended and when the conferences began. There was a truck that was selling puppies in the Walmart parking lot. We stopped to look at the puppies. When I was walking to the little box they had the puppies in I noticed the adult dog in the truck. It was a dachshund (wiener dog)!! Holy moly. Holy guacamole. Holy everything! That is Travis's and my dream dog. So I peer into the little box full of puppies.... and they're little wiener dogs! I seriously almost cried. I asked how much they were and the lady says "50 bucks" like it's no big deal! Seriously?! Okay, I really almost cried. They're $600+ everywhere I've seen. I immediately called Travis and he gave me the go ahead. I picked out our baby and arranged pick up. I was staying at the elementary school until 8:00 for conferences so I had to arrange a place to pick up our puppy after that. I couldn't concentrate on anything during the conferences. My legs were shaking because I was so excited.

We love our new baby. She's so smart and playful. She has such a personality. I've never had a dog. Yeah NEVER! I've always ALWAYS wanted one. And finally I have one. It's a lot more work than I imagined, but so worth it. She loves Travis and I. She's so tiny. We're excited to see what she'll grow up to look like. She's half dachshund and half pug. We love love love love love her. The little puppy temporarily filled a little hole I've had in my heart for a while. I've needed something to care for. My mommy instincts have been aching. So this will hold me over (for at least a couple more months haha).

We love her coloring!

Her favorite way to sleep is on her back.

She's eating a leaf.

She loves this monkey!

Her first bath! Sorry it's blurry.
Sorry if I sound like a crazy dog lady. I'm just so excited and happy that little Lyla is in our life. She's wonderful.

Student Teaching: COMPLETE!

Isn't my class cute? I student taught in fourth grade. They are so great! The best kids ever. I can't believe it's over. It was such a great learning experience for me. The kids really believed in me. I learned and grew in so many ways. I'm excited and terrified to have my own classroom in the future. I learned a lot while student teaching. One thing I learned is don't get involved in the drama. The drama really surprised me. I didn't know it would be like it was. But I guess if you put a lot of women together, there will be drama. So I learned that I cannot get involved. I have to separate myself from it. I also learned that the kids forget and forgive so quickly. Sometimes I was less patient than I should have been. They easily forgave me. They inspire me to be better. I also learned that fourth graders have boyfriends and girlfriends. They are so love crazy! haha. Another thing I learned is every child needs someone to depend on. Some kids don't have that at home. One of my favorite parts of teaching is being someone a student can depend on. It's also one of the hardest parts because that only lasts until 3:00. Some kids go home to some pretty crazy lives. I just hope they always have great teachers that help them get through school. I loved my experience. It was amazing. I'm definitely not perfect, but I'm excited to continue to learn and grow in my teaching abilities. I definitely know I am doing what I was meant to do. I love the kids!