Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loopy Lyla

We're back in Rexburg now folks. The apartment we moved into requires that all dogs be spayed or neutered. So we researched around and found the cheapest place. Rexburg also has a grant that gives you a coupon when you get it done. So we got the coupon from the animal shelter and went to the cheapest place (only $45 bucks!). We realized why it was the cheapest place though. It's way the heck out in the middle of farmlands. The "clinic" is located behind the vet's house. It looked a lot like a barn. There were cows right next to the clinic mooing away, having a hay day. It smelled bad and looked dirty. But for some reason we still left Lyla there. Maybe because it was such a good price and we were desperate. I don't know. It probably would have been better to take her to a real clinic, but oh well. So the next day I went to pick up Lyla. The assistant lady (I'm assuming it was the vet's wife) told me my puppy is fat and a drama queen. So I smiled and said thanks, paid her, and left. Sketchy sketchy place. And thank you farmer lady for your words of wisdom. Lyla was loopy for the rest of the day. It was pretty funny. We bought Lyla a "cone of shame" so she wouldn't lick or bother her stitches. And her stitches look pretty crummy. We're hoping it heals smoothly with no problems. It looks nasty to me, but it's our first time doing this so we don't know what's normal and what's bad. So yeah. I feel like I learn something every day. Recently I learned that it's better to pay the bigger bucks so you can have a peace of mind. Haha.

More Beach

Okay... I'm behind. Here's some more pictures of when we went to the beach. We went to an old ship wreck, Fort Clatsop (where Lewis and Clark passed through), a tower that had 164 steps to get to the top, and many other places. The tower was cool because they sold these little planes for $1 that you could throw off the top. It was cool watching them fly. But then little kids would gather them at the bottom. I was so angry when my plane landed and then disappeared. I've never been so tempted to chase down a child and give them a big spanking. Haha. Don't worry, after some deep breaths and a few minutes I humbled myself.