Monday, January 24, 2011

Our lovely Mansion...

This is our small (but cozy) apartment! We just LOVE it SOOOO Much :)

*oh yeah and thanks to our awesome bro Cameron for helping us get the video uploaded:)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Livin the Life

Well I started the early morning custodial job. I've been doing it since Tuesday morning. It was really hard at first to wake up. The first morning, I got up and got ready with no problem. But the second morning, the alarm went off and I was immediately angry. haha. I got up saying, "I hate my life". But I was being a little dramatic. I'm pretty used to the hours now. The job is super easy. We clean the building from 4-7 every morning. I'm in the Spori building and Travis is next door in the Kirkham. It's really a simple job. We clean the classrooms, offices, and bathrooms;  take out the garbage; and vacuum. The Spori building is the art building. We clean up paint, charcoal, and other messy art rooms. There is this one office at the end of a hallway in the building I clean. It is full of sculptures, heads, and other statue things. I HATE cleaning in there. It's sooo spooky! It feels like every statue is watching me. Maybe I'm just weird, but that office gives me the heeby jeebys (however you spell that). Anyways, so that's work. It's making us some money.

Travis dropped his Physics class. His class schedule he had was seriously impossible. He tried to ride it out, but it was too killer. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are all demanding classes. So he dropped Physics and he'll take it probably next semester. He added two online classes that are pretty simple.So that's a stress release for him, which is also a stress release for me. haha.

Oh! Travis and I went to Idaho Falls last night. We had some things to take back to Target and some things to pick up. We still had gift cards for there, so we've been waiting to get everything we need from there. Anyways, we got everything we needed (picture frames, pillows for our bed, pillows for our couch, a strainer, a plunger, dishes, etc.). The point is, we got a lot. So we were worried that we'd have to pay some of our own money along with the gift cards.. and that seemed lame. So we got to the cashier, she rang up all our stuff, then I gave her the three gift cards, not knowing how much was on them. As she rang up each gift card I watched the amount that we owed go down. And finally, after she rang up the three gift cards, she said, "Forty Cents". And I was soo shocked! We only had to pay forty cents for everything we got. Isn't that a good story? It should probably make your insides feel all warm and fuzzy. So our apartment is coming together. I think we may be done with decorating. So.... I'll post pictures today!! And maybe a video of it or something. So yup. Life is goooooood.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm a Wife..

So I know we've been married for almost a month now, but yesterday I finally felt like a wife. Travis was at school until around 8 pm. I got home around 5 and was doing stuff until I had to pick him up. I first started out by unloading the dishwasher, then started on 3 loads of laundry. Then I figured out what we were going to have for dinner. We were missing a few things, so I ran to the grocery store. Then I came back and made dinner. While dinner was cooking, I folded laundry and cleaned up a bit (wiping things down, making things more organized, etc.). Then, I left (with dinner still in the oven) to go pick up Travis. I was so worried the apartment would be burned down when we got back, but it wasn't. So we got home and ate dinner together. It probably doesn't sound like much, but it kept me busy. I loved it though. I loved the fulfillment I got from doing so many things and then Travis coming home and telling me how awesome I am. haha. I love it. We had chicken stuffing casserole for dinner. It was so yummy!

Travis told me, as we were driving home, that his meeting he just got out of had pizza. My heart dropped because I figured he'd eat a couple slices and my dinner was a waste of time. But then he told me he didn't eat any because he knew I was making dinner. That meant so much to me. I don't think he even knows how much that meant to me. It would be easy for him to have grabbed a slice or two, but he didn't. He's so thoughtful. He ate my dinner and told me how perfect it was, even though I could name countless things that weren't perfect about it.

So life is good. Travis is staying really busy with his classes. They are actually taking over his life. He's taking biology, chemistry, and physics. They're all pretty tough classes and he's working his tail off. He's always pretty tired, especially because he works the early morning custodial shift. So he's always sneakin in little naps here and there. I actually got a job today as an early morning custodial too. So now we can have schedules that are similar and we can go to bed super early. haha. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Post Ever!

First post! First post! I'm done for the day and Travis still has another hour of class left. So I decided to write on the blog while I wait for him to finish up. We are enjoying married life. It's fantastic! Travis and I were talking last night about how marriage hasn't been too hard of an adjustment. We love spending time together and our apartment is so cozy! I'm in love with our little apartment. It's just a one bedroom with a little kitchen and family room. It's small, but it's perfect. I'll have to post some pictures so you all can see (whoever "you all" are). It is really snowy here. I heard on the radio this morning as I was driving to school that it was a whoppin 1 degree. Gee wiz. And the high today was 16. And you know what's sad about that? Sixteen is a good temperature for a high. The high has been as low as 3 or 4 degrees. So today is a good day. Although it is cold, the snow is beautiful. I was thinking, I'm actually really thankful that it snowed on our wedding day. I never would have thought that I'd be okay with snow, but the pictures were beautiful with the new blanket of snow that I feel like was made just for our wedding.

So we have been on the road so much lately. We're finally settling down for a while. We went to Washington for our wedding, and drove to Portland to fly to the Bahamas. Then drove back to Richland after our honeymoon. Then a week later drove to Rexburg (9-10 hours) just to attend school for 3 days and then drive back to Richland for my brother's wedding. We got there Friday, stayed for his wedding Saturday, and drove back Sunday. I feel inactive because I've only been to church once in the past month! But now we're stuck here in Rexburg for a while. So that's nice. Anyways, welcome to our blog! Bye for now.