Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Pain No Gain

So let me start off by saying Thanksgiving was great. Travis and I went to Washington and spent a few days with my fam. The Bullock home was crowded, but super fun! It was great seeing my family.

So story time. My back has been hurting on the right side off and on for a couple weeks at least. I haven't thought much of it because my backpack I carry is super heavy. So I thought that was the problem. Then last night my back starting hurting like crazy. It happened all of a sudden and the pain was so intense. It was definitely the most pain I've ever been in. I don't know if I'm strong enough for child birth after this. haha. Travis was in the middle of making his dinner and I told him we had to go to the doctor NOW. My back pain wasn't normal muscle soreness. So he brought his bowl of ramen in the car with him as he drove me. I was super nauseous and could barely walk because of the pain.

So we get inside the office and the girls at the desk were college students. I could just tell. I was moaning and pretty much crying because I was in so much pain. They gave Travis some paperwork to fill out and I remember thinking, "Can we just skip this step? I need a doctor now!" haha. So I was pacing around in front of the desk. The poor secretaries were watching me wide-eyed. I probably looked like a loony. A couple times I said, "Can someone please help me?" haha. Which doesn't make any sense, because obviously we're there for someone to help me. Travis was just laughing at me... in a nice way.

So we get with the doctor and he tells me I probably have a kidney stone. He said since this pain has been lasting for a couple weeks, I should probably get a cat scan to see how big the booger is. So we went to the hospital and got a cat skan. Oh yeah, they gave me a couple shots of pain meds, so I was pretty loopy. Travis got a wheelchair for me at the hospital cause I could barely walk and I was just sleeping as he signed paperwork and stuff. I also slept through my cat scan. haha. Travis realized that he accidentally left his dirty ramen bowl at the doctor's. We had to go back anyways, so we weren't worried. When we got back to the doctor's office, the doctor told us the hospital called and said I have multiple kidney stones. He told us that I was probably someone that creates kidney stones really easily for some reason. I'm a kidney stone producer! Lucky me! He said I will probably experience this pain multiple times in my life. I just have to stay away from soda (DANG!) and always drink water like crazy and maybe they'll pass easier. Oh and the nice nurses washed Travis' nasty ramen residue bowl. How nice!

So ta da! That's my story. Last night was horrible. I was up sick most of the night. But the most recent kidney stone has passed as of a couple hours ago. Sorry if this is too weird for you to read. But last night was CRAZY!! I just wanted to share my experience with you. =) Oh and I'm feeling much better now. I hope you enjoyed my story. Love you all!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Muskateer Mayhem

Travis and I got a coupon for buy one get one free admission to the cheap theater. So we went to see Three Muskateers last night at 4:15. The theater was so empty. Out of like 300 seats, only probably 30 were taken. So everyone was spread throughout the whole theater. Travis and I chose the short row where the wheelchair could come sit by us. (It wasn't a nice theater where those seats are the front of the section. They were in the middle of a large mass of seats.) We figured we made a good selection. The movie starts and all of a sudden, a couple comes and sits right next to me. FOR REALS? There were 300 seats and the theater was so empty!

Okay, so I humble myself and try to relax and enjoy the show. Then the guy that sat by me is chillaxin and taking over my arm rest with his elbow hanging way over on my side. Okay.... I humble myself again and let him have the arm rest. This guy is pushin my buttons though. Alright, back to trying to enjoy the only date out of our house that we've been on in like a month. Then my nose identifies this terrible stench. The guy smells like B.O. And I think to myself... how did he get engaged? (She had a ring on, he didn't.) Then I humble myself again, try to ignore the nauseous feeling I have and relax to, once again, try and enjoy the movie. So it's going pretty good, and then I hear a voice. His fiance is straight up talking and asking questions about the movie. I don't mind whispering. I do that. But she was not whispering. She did it throughout the movie. How she could straight up talk and not have any clue that she was being disruptive was beyond me. She was seriously commenting about every part of the movie. "Oh yeah, like that would happen" or "Like they had that kind of technology back then" or "Why would they do that?". So that was the last straw.

I got up, turned to them, and yelled, "Who do you think you are!?"

Just kidding. I just kept trying to humble myself (cause I was getting pretty annoyed). The movie was decent. Maybe it would have been better if we didn't have Smelly and Chatty sittin by us. But it was good to get out of our basement and do something.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


So it's been a couple weeks since I last blogged. It's pretty much because life is super busy and boring. We're both working our tails off trying to finish this semester strong. Our motivation is dwindling. At least mine is. I'm having to fight myself to get things done every day. Travis is battling with our TV. haha. He's having a hard time saying no to NCIS, football, HGTV, and DIY Network. He's a real man watching HGTV and DIY. =)

I think our motivation and money are dating. Our motivation is disappearing and I think our money is sneaking away with it. At least those are my suspicions. Neither of us are working this semester because it's an intense semester for both of us. So we have been living off what we earned this last summer and some financial aid. And it's all disappearing! We're fine, we just have to be smart with our money for the rest of the semester. So we are eating top ramen, spaghetti, tacos, etc. If you have any suggestions of other cheap meals, feel free to share!

On date nights, we've been trying to be creative coming up with activities that don't cost too much. We've found some interesting ideas online. Last night, we tried out an idea we found.

Make outfits for each other out of newspaper and then do a fashion show. 

What the heck, huh? Who would think that sounded like fun? We did. haha. So we went and "borrowed" tons of the college's newspapers that are all over campus. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Then we created outfits for each other.

I think Travis is going into the wrong field. He designed a great outfit for me! haha. And I'm definitely not meant to be a fashion designer. There is just too much wrong with my creation. But here they are. Enjoy our weirdness.

It's a little immodest, but hey.. you know how the fashion industry works.

I tried to make a loin cloth....