Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baby News

We're expecting! And we're so excited. Our baby is due June 11, 2015. I feel so humbled being pregnant again. Being able to create life inside me is a miracle, and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for giving me the opportunity.
Travis and I want a pretty big family. He says 4 kids, I say 6. We shall see. In reality, we will take whatever Heavenly Father sees fit for our family. I'm just grateful to have another on the way. Yay for growing our family!
I'm so excited for Hailey to be a big sister. We've been teaching her about the baby in my belly. She doesn't quite get it yet. She thinks there's a baby in her belly too. haha. When she cuddles and feeds her dolls, it makes my mommy heart melt. I can't wait until she can cuddle and kiss her little brother or sister.
I'm currently 13 weeks along. I've been pretty sick this pregnancy. And Hailey is so funny. Whenever I'm gagging (or leaning into the toilet doing the unspeakable), Hailey mimics the noise. Which doesn't help when I'm feeling queasy. haha. But still hilarious.

This pregnancy is feeling pretty different than with Hailey. I've heard that could mean the other gender, but I'm not too sure I believe that. So we'll see (in January!). I finally got some Zofran for being sick, which is night and day difference. I can function now. It's lovely. I'm still enjoying toast and ginger ale for breakfast every morning to give my medicine time to kick in. Good thing I like toast.

My little bump popped out last week. I'm already growing earlier and quicker than I did with Hailey. But I'm excited for that. It took forever for me to get a belly with Hailey. So grow belly, grow!

Here's me when I found out I was pregnant. Just 4 weeks along. Goodbye nice body I've been working so hard on lately! Hopefully we meet again!
 And here's 10 weeks. Already a little bloat. It would come and go.
 And now here is what I look like currently. My belly popped out a little and is not going away. 13 weeks. Hello second trimester!
We're so excited for this baby. And so grateful that Heavenly Father has sent another little spirit to join our family. We are SO BLESSED!


  1. So excited for you! I thought I would have a girl this time because my pregnancy has been way different than it was with Enok, but it's another boy! But i do have friends whose pregnancies are different based on gender, so who knows! Thankfully I got to be less sick this go round. And yea, zofran is magical!

  2. Congratulations! Such an exciting time and I'm sure it's even better this time with a little person to share it with :)