Monday, February 10, 2014

"Sew" Awesome!

I got a sewing machine for my birthday back in October. I have been doing projects here and there. I'm having tons of fun and am constantly thinking of what I should tackle next. Here's a few things I have done recently.

1. Decorating Onesies
A LONG time ago, my friend Brielle and I decorated some onesies. It was so easy and sooo fun! I didn't finish them until recently, so I thought I'd do a blog post about it since some of you asked about them (like 3 months ago...).

First of all, I followed this tutorial.She gives great step by step instructions.

All you need is onesies, fabric, the iron-on paper, and your sewing supplies. Easy and cheap! Especially with JoAnn's coupons.

It was fun thinking of different designs that I wanted to put on onesies. And I even did one little t-shirt for Hailey too. So really, the possibilities are endless! I searched and searched for a picture of the shirt, but I failed to take a picture when she wore it. Oh well.

*Just don't forget to sew along the edges. I didn't read that part in the tutorial and when I washed the onesies, everything came apart. Boooo. I had to redo them. But they're easy, so no biggie.
  I cut out all these letters and carefully ironed them on. I didn't think about the sewing part, so I ended up hand sewing the letters on. Took forever! So I wouldn't recommend that. haha.
I made this Mario one for my friend Brielle's new little baby boy (Jenson). Jenson's dad has countless Mario shirts, so I thought Jenson should match his dad. :)
Isn't he cute?!

2. Sock Pants
What the heck is sock pants you ask? Well... it's baby leggings made from adult socks! Is your mind blown? This is by far the EASIEST thing I've sewn. I wanna make them all the time. I'm constantly looking at socks and thinking, "Wow, those would make such cute pants for Hailey!" haha. 

Here's the tutorial. I promise it's easy.

All you need is adult socks, elastic, and sewing supplies. CHEAP CHEAP PANTS!

I made Hailey some Christmas leggings, and some grey and white polka dot ones. LOVE THEM!!
3. Apron
This was my most challenging project yet. It stretched me to the limits and challenged my patience. But I was so proud of myself for how the apron came out. My mom asked me to make an apron for her for Christmas, and I willingly accepted the challenge.

You can find the tutorial here.

All you need is Material, the pattern, and sewing supplies.

So there are some projects I've tackled recently. I enjoy learning new things and testing my sewing abilities. I'm still new to sewing, so I love trying new things. I think I would constantly be sewing if fabric wasn't so expensive!

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