Our Love Story.

We were made for each other. It's a fact. I could just leave it at that, but it wouldn't make for a very interesting read. So here goes it.

Travis and I met in January 2010. One of my old roommates was his old FHE sister and invited him and his roommates over to hang out. We ended up turning some Glee music on and dancing like hooligans. Travis acted all shy and just sat in the background and smiled.

For some reason, I went crazy and danced my heart out (super embarrassing). When they left that night I was so embarrassed and thought the handsome, super sexy guy I just met probably thinks I'm loony. So I wrote him off (that's what I told myself at least). Secretly, I was super attracted to him, but thought him to be way out of my league. We hung out as friends a few times after that and I was sure nothing was going to come of it, even though I looked at him and melted.

 In February, he asked me out. Yeah, he did. I was surprised too! On Februrary 25, we went to Guitars Unplugged (A school talent show) and Gringos. He dropped me off at home at 10:15. What the heck? I was super nervous on the date, Travis did most of the talking (surprisingly). So when he dropped me off that early I thought I flunked the date. He told me he had to go teach an early morning cycling (spinning) class and invited me to come. He was probably just being nice when he invited me. But I wanted to keep this boy, so I went. At 6:15 the next morning, my roommate and I went to Travis' cycling class. I sweated like crazy and I pretended to be pedaling for most of the class. haha. It kicked my trash. But Travis smiled at me and it made it all worth it. He invited me to an Indonesian dinner and introduced me to some Indonesian mission people that Sunday. We made an excuse to be together every day after that.

After about a week of making excuses to be together, a boy from my ward kept trying to ask me out. I didn't really want to go on a date with him and I told Travis about it. Travis told me to tell him I had a boyfriend. (EEeek!) So I did. And we have been together since.

Travis even hung around after it took me a month to kiss him. He asked my permission and I said no. Then when I told him I was ready, he leaned in.... and I hyperventilated. I ended up repeating myself and hyperventilating another time before when finally got our first kiss out of the way. It was the worst kiss I have ever experienced in my life. Luckily we tried again and I felt the sparks. haha. But everything happened so naturally and felt so right. We were lucky to find each other, thanks to some friends. We are both very goofy and have so much fun together. We love life and enjoy spending every single day with the person we love most. Life is GREAT!

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