Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween Festivities

Hailey was at the perfect age this Halloween. She finally understood the concept of dressing up, so we got her a lion costume- her favorite animal! We thought it would be fun to do a family costume theme, so we decided to do zookeepers and animals. Emma was an elephant and Travis and I were zookeepers (or safari people since we had two African animals.. your choice). Our costumes were all super cheap (from consignment sales, thrift stores, second hand from other people). I think I spent a total of $10 for all of us. Not bad, eh?

First up was the Trunk or Treat. 

First we walked around playing games set up by the primary but ran by the young women.

We started at the face painting. I had the young women paint a nose and whiskers since I never got around to doing it. 

Then we continued onto the games. Hailey had fun.

This ring toss game was the one Brielle and I made.

Hailey walked around the cupcake walk forever, trying to earn a cupcake. She ended up earning the last one. Phew. That was a close one.

   Then it was time to go trunk to trunk!

Look at that cute lion! I was obsessed with the tail.

One of our ward members brought his green screen and edited everyone's pictures. I thought ours was hilarious!

Next up, trick or treating at a local retirement home. One of my friends works there and invited us. They set up rows of chairs and had them holding buckets of candy. It was so fun. And I loved seeing their excitement looking at all the kids. 

Then came Halloween. 


 That night, we went to a neighborhood close by since we live in an apartment complex with no Halloween action. Hailey was so shy. She would knock on the door so lightly that even if they were sitting right by the door they couldn't hear. Then she would muster out a, "twick teet". But to them it was more of a little mouse squeak. haha. Eventually I started walking her to the stairs and she would go up by herself. So big! Her knocks got a little more confident, and her squeaks turned into a loud whisper (hey it's an improvement).

She would put her bucket down every time she knocked on a door. Then she'd lean over to pick it up and be in the way of the door opening. This happened every single time. But she was so brave to do it by herself!

We only made it down one street, on both sides, before she got tired. Her bucket was too heavy and it was bedtime. The Royals' game was on, so we were fine with heading home. ;)

We had a great Halloween. I'm sad Hailey doesn't have a reason to wear her costume anymore. But I can see her asking to put it on in the near future. I feel like it will enhance her lion fights with Dad. We love our fiesty (but shy) little lion and cute little elephant. 


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