Sunday, November 29, 2015

Eager for Christmas

I've felt the excitement for Christmas slowly build inside me. I tried to bury it, because I've been feeling it since the beginning of November. But when Travis walked in one day and declared he started listening to Christmas music in the car, I let myself go. We've been listening to Christmas music in our house and the car since the beginning of this month. We're usually strong enough to hold off until after Thanksgiving. Our goal was to get our tree up a week before Thanksgiving. We got all of our boxes of decorations and things out of our little storage shed. But then we just didn't have the time. It sat around for a week, until finally, on Thanksgiving night, we said, "enough it enough!", and just made time. 

We turned on the Christmas Pandora station and got to work, making Christmas come alive in our home. Hailey loved helping Travis decorate the tree. I was feeding, changing, and taking care of Emma, so our tree was decorated by Hailey and Dad. We've collected ornaments for memories we don't want to forget and from vacations for the past few years. We've accumulated enough that we don't need too many others to fill our tree. We hung our souvenier ornaments and a few small silver balls to fill in the tree, and Tada! Done. And she's a beaut. Our tree is only 3 or 4 feet tall, so we put her on our side table in our family room. It's the perfect size for our small home.

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