Saturday, October 31, 2015

One Year Older and Wiser Too

I woke up the morning of October 9th with this overwhelming sense of wisdom. I just felt older. Just kidding. I always laugh at the primary song that says, "one year older and wiser too" because I feel like motherhood is actually decreasing my wisdom. Sometimes I feel like I don't have anymore brain cells left when I can't think of simple words, or remember simple things. Maybe wisdom will come on later birthdays. ;) 

I usually prep Travis for my birthday by reminding him everyday for a month before, but this year I only reminded him twice. You're welcome Trav. But, like always, he spoils me. 

I woke up and Travis was already leaving for school. I told him I'd wait until he got home to open my present. When he came through the door after school, he was holding flowers. I'm a sucker for flowers. So I opened his present- a Kansas City Royal's hat and shirt. Yay! I had been searching for the perfect Royal's hat, and he found it for me! Go Royals!!

We ate lunch at Olive Garden because it's delicious and I could eat it everyday if I had a million dollars. Get all the breadsticks in my belly!

 I got some birthday money from parentals and grandparentals, so I found myself a sewing desk!!! Yipee!! So many fun projects to be had.

Travis is a great sport. My favorite cake is the ice cream cake my mom always made growing up. I made it for myself a few years in a row, but Travis has made it a point to make it for me for the last couple years. He doesn't even like the cake! Love him. 
 Mmmmm! Gimme all the cake! 
 Emma wanted some too.
I love my special day. Travis is the best, always so thoughtful. Here's to another year older and maybe eventually wiser too!

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