Our Pooch.

A friend and I were killing time at Walmart between parent-teacher conferences (we were student teaching). This truck in the parking lot had a sign that read "Puppies For Sale". We had to stop and look because we both love animals. That's when I saw this face (see above picture). Ummmm.... yeah. I had to have her. Half pug, half dachshund. Seriously two of my favorites. My friend that was with me was begging me to get her too. I felt very very pressured. haha. I called Travis and he said, "Let's do it." So I brought little 2 lb Lyla home. She's a silly girl. She has a crazy nut of a personality, but she makes our lives that much more exciting. I feel like a dog completes a home. She's big now (a whoppin' 14 lbs). She listens really well and is super smart. She's full of love. I can't wait until she and our baby girl play together.
*Right now Lyla is staying with my parents in Washington. It's only temporary, while Travis is in school. Our apartment complex doesn't allow pets. Boohoo. We miss her every day and can't wait to have her back in our home.

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